The Cubby Hole [Memoir Monday Selection]

Apologies for the delay; however, I just finished watching “American Sniper” to celebrate Groundhog Day. And even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which foreshadows six more weeks of winter, I don’t care; the awesomeness of the movie just made this Groundhog Day one of my best ever.

Great flick.

And you know what made this day even better? All the awesome submissions for today’s writing prompt.

So many of your youthful adventures were similar to mine. The adventures Satin Sheet Diva conjured while in her tree of a cubby hole are not unlike those I write about in my “Barn” poem from my poetry collection. And how I appreciate Mandy Moran’s remembrances, especially of “Marble Magic.” Oh how I loved me a good round of marbles. And it seems as if Guidance Fitness Personal Training was nearly channeling my youth with his flowing recollections.

I especially enjoyed Yoshiko’s one word haiku-like submission. Even if we never had a physical space we could escape to, hopefully we all had access to books as children…or, in my case, comic books. How I could get swept away into some of those classic reads.

And while I enjoyed all the submission, the one that spoke to me the most was the one that really made me feel as if I were there with him in his cubby holes. I could just imagine his Lands of the Butterfly and the Grasshopper and the Ant. I could see myself sitting next to him on his window sill as the expanse of the land ran out before us all the way to the horizon. But mostly I enjoyed his wardrobe of a cubby hole. For it reminded me so vividly of how I loved to enclose myself in dark spaces like a closet. Ours had sliding doors and once closed and darkened, the clothes hung down like flimsy ghosts and the shoes and other unknowables scattered about on the floor felt like things only a child’s imagination could imagine.

Wonderful memories.

And so it is my pleasure to present to you our selection for this Memoir Monday…

NR Wishart Healing and His Magical Cubby Holes

I had a magical place over a fence off a field which backed onto my family home back garden. I dubbed the stretch of land Butterfly Land, then there was Grasshopper Land further on and then Ant Land. And it really was divided like that it seemed for me. I loved it there. Sometimes I would share it with a friend and take them there. There were plenty of trees to hide in or climb high and sit on a branch and watch nature. Lost in my own world. I could literally see my own worldly creations if I ran with them. Places would transform. And then there was my wardrobe lol! I used to hide in there and just be still. The most influential place was my bedroom windowsill. I could see out to the horizon. A rare spot in the town I grew up in. Higher than what lay in front. A nice green field and plenty of trees and fields for miles. Every insight, vision, dream, it all happened on that windowsill. Night time contemplating, prayers, bathed in countless warming sunrises. Beautiful moments!

Thank you all very much for such wonderful submissions with their wonderful cubby hole reflections.


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