The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Prompt]

We know the Japanese poetical form tanka means short song, which is appropriate as it is a form of the broader genre waka, which, itself, is a form of song or verse. So for our first Tanka Tuesday I feel it fitting for the prompt to come from a song. And it is no ordinary song for it is a song of the sea, a song of love found, and a song of love lost.

Using the traditional Westernized syllable count version of the form – 5/7/5/7/7 – write a tanka inspired by one of the songs most loved by the sailor…well, at least this sailor – Looking Glass’s Brandy You’re A Fine Girl.

While your response to the song can be the result of wherever the song takes your heart and mind, the syllable count must be exact.

Submissions close at 7PMish and our selection will be published at 8PMish.

Please “Like” the ones you like, and then go visit the authors’s sites and maybe comment on some of their work there since no comments other than submission responses are allowed here.

This may explain things a bit about the Writing Challenge.

This may explain things a bit about the tanka.


2 Replies to “The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Prompt]”

  1. If imitation is flattery, then plagiarism is adulation. In the spirit of some of my favorite sailing songs, I offer:

    Remittance man,
    He’s the son of a son of
    Edmund Fitzgerald.
    All the sailors say Brandy;
    Me, I just wanna go home.

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