It’s Only “Weird” If… [Weird Wednesday Prompt]

I like those beer commercials that were airing a couple years ago about how it was only weird if it didn’t work.

If that isn’t one of the most true and profound beer commercials in the history of beer commercials then I don’t know what is…

I mean, if we do something strange or have a less than normal personality, then we are automatically labeled as weird. But have someone rich and/or famous exhibit the same behavior then it immediately goes from not working and being weird to working and being, you guessed it, eccentric.

Eccentric… What every weirdo strives to become.

Imagine an average joe* walking down, not the red carpet, but the average city street in a dress made of meat… I doubt the eccentric defense will work well with the average city cop.

Yet another example of the long, hard, enduring struggle between the classes…

But if you think about it, weird ain’t easy to do. It’s hard to go against the grain, against convention. Normal is so easy, welcoming. We’ve been doing normal for most of our lives and it now is hard not to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, normal is cool. Whoever invented it was a genius – and I suspect female – for how else to get us stupid men from bashing in each other’s stupid heads with clubs and rocks and whatever else we could get our hands on than to create a system where such behavior is strange, odd – not normal.

So I’m all in for normal, while knowing very well that weird is where the action is.

So, for today’s Weird Wednesday prompt…

Put together something – a poem, an essay, flash fiction, a drawing, whatever – stream of consciousness perhaps, whatever – something less than normal, something against convention, but something that, at least in your mind, is normal and as conventional – and preferable, enlightening to all – as can be.

My guess is, it won’t be easy…

And I suspect Josh Wrenn, the author of yesterday’s Tanka Tuesday selection, just may be tapping into some of that brandy he waxed so poetically about for some weird inspiration.

*non-gender specific

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7PMish.
Selection posted some time after…


15 Replies to “It’s Only “Weird” If… [Weird Wednesday Prompt]”

  1. Look at those sheep
    Stuck in traffic
    Not sheep
    Racing for a tiny piece of cheese
    A food pellet
    Not rats
    Cogs in a machine
    Clawing up a fictional ladder
    Not cogs
    Mindless worker drones
    Yes ants
    Ants from up here
    In my supervisor’s office

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  2. I wish one night when we all are asleep.
    The blue fairy arrives & grants my wish.
    & taps its magic wand to give that surprise.
    when I wake up in the morning rubbing my eyes.
    It’s not about big wishes, not about healing the sick,
    not about dreams coming true, neither being slim or fit.

    It’s not for winning money, or a flat tummy.
    This may sound funny, but could mean a lot to many.

    If the fairy taps its wand & does this wonder,
    half the world will wake up with long noses to wonder,
    from lies from their dream & when they are awake.
    There will be surveys by scientist with big noses in their way,
    to find the cure for this epidemic new diseases, why the nose is growing longer & causing all the tiff.

    There will be war of noses in no time. It will cause destruction on Facebook, Twitter & all the minds.
    The world will get to see the biggest war of all. Destruction caused by weapons of ego & all lies.

    We give examples of telling the truth, but at such time of crisis no one will remember, but only for those cute babies, whose nose wouldn’t be affected at all. They will be smiling at the funny sight of long nose hall. Because their heart is so pure, free of all lie & they know what it takes to truly enjoy.
    Time & money will be wasted in research, but no one would look deep inside for the search.
    Look inside for conscience which is always there to guide.
    No one will remember that, knowledge sometimes comes,
    from the cutest websites.
    Those sites of Disney, Disney movies & their sweet world, remember about Pinocchio (the wooden puppet) & the blue fairy’s piece of advice.
    A lie keeps growing & growing & that’s the reason for the disease. The nose is growing & creating many such rifts.
    May the blue fairy makes everyone’s nose like Pinocchio, that’s what I wished.
    To let everyone know how much lie in this world exists.
    If at all we lie, then may it be for a good cause.
    Let’s take care of others feelings, be unselfish & kind.
    Let’s treat people with care & not as wooden pawns.
    Let’s be happy that the blue fairy cares for us all, she didn’t grant my wish but gave another chance.
    Let’s be real to ourselves & do justice to human hood… ’cause it just takes a ‘W’ to change the hood to wood.
    If we stay like this, soon there will be that time, when we would burn to ashes, because that’s what a wood is destined.
    Let’s live what we are meant for & not take the wood’s place.
    And do our bit, to make this world a better place.
    So there will be no need, to hide that lovely face.

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  3. fluffernutter…
    oh thou revered and beloved
    food given by epicurious gods
    to those beings in that place
    called, with much originality:
    New England.
    The epicurious gods gifted
    these beings with a food
    of sweet fluffy clouds
    and rich paste drawn
    from the generous earth..
    But the epicurious gods
    gave us folk in the south,
    those golden orbs of joy:
    praise be for their great goodness.

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  4. Everything’s just so quiet.
    Everything’s just so loud.
    Yellow is a loud color.
    Why do shades of yellow not seem so yellow?
    Why does being yellow mean you have no heart?
    Where does my heart beat now?
    I think that’s a Celine Dion song.
    I think I got the lyrics wrong.
    Celine Dion is music royalty.
    Royalty is purple.
    Purple is a fruit.
    I heard that somewhere.
    One time, I thought I heard something, but I didn’t.
    I think I’m in a constant state of hallucination.
    I know I spelled “hallucination” correctly.
    Word isn’t showing a red underline.
    I hate that green underline, especially when I mean to be grammatically incorrect.
    There’s a blue underline, but not seeing it makes it less annoying.
    What’s annoying is people complaining that Twilight made vampires sparkle.
    Nobody complained when Sesame Street made vampires count.
    Vampires count on shadows, depending on the vampire.
    Shadows are cool.
    They remind me of cool orange juice.
    I like apple juice better.
    I once knew a pregnant woman who drank a lot of apple juice.
    There was a time when I knew more pregnant women than ever in my entire life.
    Never in my life have I been pregnant.
    Maybe I should get checked to see if I’m right.
    I couldn’t decide what to write.
    Or it could be that this is exactly what I decided.
    You make the call.
    Just don’t call a pass play when everyone knows you need to run it.

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  5. Poetry by my dog:

    breathe the shape
    of every dog that passed before
    barky white, big yellow fun
    and the long angry one two days back
    RABBIT! brown and running here!
    and deer and deer and deer.
    I stop
    and smell the taste
    of the mailman’s bad intentions

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  6. Its only weird……

    I hear you ask for weird….
    When all around is calm and still
    There is no ripple in the waters light
    Just the moon and its luminous reflection

    How can I interpret weird….
    Is not for lack of imagination
    When suddenly the water erupted its sleep
    With a crash of a hat and limb

    The water felt hot like treacle
    Pulling through its gulp
    Bittersweet with its welcome hold
    Lumps, glue, sticky and yet free

    Time is but an essence
    Each day bringing the weird and wonderful too
    Give the weird a chance
    For all things need a balance….

    Capture the opposite, encounter the within
    The moon has a light but dark prevails
    Water will flow until its sealed
    As we feel the weird from deep held in…….


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  7. Very true observations. I really enjoyed the read. To me, it almost seems that more and more being normal is considered weird nowadays. I’m weird, does that make me normal. My brain hurts…that is normal! :)

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  8. Haha fantastic words Kurt! I am not weird, I am the most average person in the world.. No I’m not, I am a bit weird.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and inspiring others to get creative too!

    Tieme The Not So Eccentric Guy

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