Saving the World… Thoughtful Thursday Selection

Requirements are such a pain, aren’t they?

I mean, why was it necessary for me to stipulate arbitrarily that today’s haiku must follow the 5/7/5 syllable count and also rhyme and illustrate a passionate cause?

Well, of course…because it makes the selection process all that much easier when those submissions do not meet the requirements set unto and forthwith, as well as erstwhile.


Anyway, there are some mighty fine haiku – and mighty funny too – that, unfortunately, either don’t rhyme or meet the syllable count or have a missing or misunderstood cause of passion and therefore don’t qualify…


But I will say a few words about the haiku that are not today’s selection for this or that or the other reason…

– I think it awesome how Queen J Hardy Carroll’s non-rhyming haiku speaks in the third person…as in the “Royal We.” Though I wonder about the Queen’s priorities when his “most passionate cause” appears to be that of dissing drum solos.

– Queen Clintington, with his non-rhyming and, judging against the prompt requirements, non-reasoning haiku wins the “Make Kurt Legitimately LOL” award. On top of that, I especially enjoy how the Queen orders his King about.

– Queen Josh Wrenn’s haiku is pure awesomeness, one I can empathize, sympathize, and actualize with, and it would be a definite selection contender had it not been missing a couple of letters critical to the overall effect of the poem. I’m not much of a cursing kinda guy, despite my sailorness, but sometimes, there are no better alternatives to a big, fat, juicy curse word when effectively deployed. And this haiku by Queen Josh is one of those sometimes in my estimation.

– Queen Myas’s beautiful wonderment of an extended haiku was out of bounds by the length of eight syllables or so.

– Queen Ritu wins the “Elision Award” for her effective use of “d’ya.”

– Had Queen MLJ’s procrastinating polite poem rhymed, as awesome as it is, whoa…

– Queen Mandy Moran, with her powerfully potent political haiku unfortunately did not rhyme; however, had she had followed the rules properly, her Realm of Anarchy would have been immediately delegitimized.

Which leaves us with one haiku. One of perfect parts, and of resounding rhymes, and, most critically, of profound and powerful poetry. And as a bonus, her passion of a cause in the form of today’s haiku is my passion of a cause in the form of today’s haiku. Awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Queens and Queens, it is my pleasure to present to you today’s Thoughtful Thursday selection…

by Queen Dancing Echoes

Gaia doesn’t play,
In the end She’ll have her way,
Earth will win the day.

Thank you all very much for sharing your incredible poetry with us… And as always, if you’re interested in receiving a digital edition of one of my Amazon selections as a gift for your participation…hit me up via the Contact page.



3 Replies to “Saving the World… Thoughtful Thursday Selection”

  1. Wow, thank you! Weird how I ordinarily don’t like rules but with these challenges they help me focus. I really enjoyed this challenge since as a working chemist/biologist the connections of the world are my passion. It let me sneak in one of my photos too, representing the web of life. Many thanks again.

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  2. Thanks for your diplomatic arbitration – may the best haiku win.
    My garden fence is looking tense (ah yes, rhyming, what a pain that is) but the garden gate (displayer of the haiku) and I are both delighted with a runner-up ‘awesome’ and a ‘whoa’ to boot.
    As we say over here in Engerland, haiku very much indeed.

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