Dude Mode Activated

Dude Mode Activated
Seems only one of us realizes they are no longer the cuddly little pups they just recently were. However, I still abide…

19 Replies to “Dude Mode Activated”

  1. A lapful of puppies or kittens are hard to beat. Dude mode is wonderful, especially when puppies are around. And they do grow so quickly. But, it seems they may get big, but they still have that playful, roll on you attitude.

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  2. Sweet :) dude mode is cool
    I do remember “borrowing” it on occasion LOL .. the most extreme .. a lab, a wolfhound, & a half sized one too ;) + 4 cats in one single bed :D … needless to say I could not move .. & if I tried there was complaints ;) but it was so fricking cold in that big old house during renovations.. I was not complaining & so not moving ;) … only drawback … they got used to cute cuddle mode ;) LOL

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  3. I recognize the potential for a situation here. I have nearly sixty pounds of Labrador with no appreciation of human anatomy, and in either the ascent or the descent at least one foot unerringly will find a certain vulnerable place. I believe my voice is becoming more squeaky…

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