An Ode to a First True Love


For many of us – most I would presume – we were rather promiscuous before finding that first true love.

Without regard, and very often with hardly little or no desire at all, we’d go from one to another without ever once finding a connection or even a slightest pang of affection.

But then, from nowhere and completely unexpected, you find the one and everything opens up before you. You enter worlds you never imagined existed. You are forever changed. You have met your first true love.

For today’s prompt…

In an Alternate Rhyming Scheme (ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH), write an ode to your very first true love – first true literary love that is. Write an ode to the first book that truly opened up your heart to the love of literature and set you on a lifelong reading romance of passion and adventure…

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions for the prompts please. All comments welcome for the selection when published, however.
Please “Like” those submissions you like.

It should be noted that, as stated on the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.



5 Replies to “An Ode to a First True Love”

  1. Ode to “pat the bunny”

    When I was just a few months old
    In my Mamma’s lap I sat.
    The magic time would hence unfold,
    A bunny I would pat.

    Every time that I’d try on the ring,
    Feel scratchy whiskers too.
    Within the book my heart did sing,
    When I’d play peek-a-boo.

    And in the mirror was my face,
    The flowers I would smell.
    In books I’d find my happy place,
    Where all was safe and well.

    From this first book the die was cast,
    Curiosity did unfold.
    My love of reading was to last,
    Learning never does get old.

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  2. I must confess
    To everyone here
    They weren’t the best
    Or anywhere near

    Jets and sex
    And war and guns
    One book to the next
    A series of fun

    But in my young mind
    Great works of art
    A hero I’d find
    In a world torn apart

    What got me hooked?
    It ain’t no baloney
    The Wingman books
    Mack Maloney

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