An Ode to a First True Love… Selection

The books I loved best as a child
I bet were loved also by many of you.
They told of tales sweet, silly, and wild,
As penned by the great Sendak, Suess, and Reys, two.

But as the years passed and I grew a bit older
I left such childish tales behind.
As I grew fonder of stories much bolder
That came in the comic book kind.

And then soon comics I also outgrew
As I zipped through my age of the teens.
Words read in leisure were then but few
For leisure was found in new and various means.

In my twenties my first Literary Love was found,
And it is to this Love I tribute this ode.
Its author to the Beats he is bound
And its story will forever be On The Road.

(What a day…apologies for the delay)

So, who could objectively choose between two such different yet poetically perfect submissions?

They both speak to my subjective heart equally.

So it is to the Coin of Arbitration I must go…

Heads be Dancing Echo as she has the first submission;

And Tails be Josh Wrenn as there be no other choices for him to be.

And the flip…

And the catch…

And, on behalf of the Coin of Arbitration, it is my pleasure to present to you today’s MEMOIR MONDAY selection…

by Josh Wrenn

I must confess
To everyone here
They weren’t the best
Or anywhere near

Jets and sex
And war and guns
One book to the next
A series of fun

But in my young mind
Great works of art
A hero I’d find
In a world torn apart

What got me hooked?
It ain’t no baloney
The Wingman books
By Mack Maloney

Once again, a very big thank you to two powerfully prolific and most perfect of poets…


6 Replies to “An Ode to a First True Love… Selection”

  1. I never truly read comics except for “Gaston”. But as soon as I learned to read I loved books of the old Dutch times and when I was 10 I would read everything of the second world war in The Netherlands but also Russia. Later my study books replaced my reading books and now all I read is to learn.

    However, escaping “reality” always been a part of me and still is!

    Thank you for sharing this poem and the memories!


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    1. I never heard of “Gaston” before – except for the Disney character in “Beauty and the Beast.” He seems similar to Alfred E. Neuman of “Mad” magazine, a favorite of mine as a youth. And like you, I too only read to learn – which is why I mostly read literature. ;)

      Thank you for the kind comment, my reality escaping friend.

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  2. Reblogged this on My Friday Blog and commented:
    Please like and follow Kurt’s page. His prompts are a true creative stretching. His other original content, (photos, poems, and stories) are also exceptional. Also, please enter your work in his prompts. It is more fun when more than two people participate.

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