Comments other than Creative Responses to today’s Weird Wednesday Prompt

There is some obvious passion generated by today’s prompt. As, per the rules, all comments other than prompt responses are to be deleted, I am opening this up to all who need to speak up either for Ms Lee, et al, or against what some seem to see as my slander against her, or both.

So post your passionate commentary to today’s prompt here and not on the prompt post or it will be removed.

However, I suggest you please keep my personal motto in mind as you consider the prompt:

Take Nothing Seriously… Seriously!

I include the three comments that have already been removed…

Harper lee is a sweet shy Southern girl who hated being paraded around in front of an adoring public by shills and hucksters. She write this book in the 50s and so hated the idea of being part of the circus that she said she never wanted to publish it. She stiuck to her guns, bless her. Now that she’s sitting in a home, disabled by a stroke and unable to tell you if Thursday starts with T somebody jammed a pen into her spidery bird-claw and made her sign something. Sure, they say they just discovered it. What they did was run the numbers and fond that Mockingbird still outsells Dan Brown in sixty languages. Poor old lady. What’s their hurry? She’s gonna be dead soon. This is an obscenity.Speedway Randy

And since many years ago, I did make a trek to meet Salinger and did come upon him chopping wood and had a 15 minutes conversation with him, to thank him for a letter he sent me answering one I sent him, I don’t think I could do weird with this. And our boy Truman – his reality is weirder than any of us could pen. I just feel badly and agree with Speedway Randy, what the money makers do to make money is an obscenity. And thus, you don’t have anyone coming up with tripe all these years later about Salinger’s lost work. He flipped off everybody that annoyed him and tried to pry and remake him. During those long silent northern winters, I imagine he quite enjoyed his scotch and cigarettes.kanzensakura

You should really dig a little deeper into the Harper Lee headlines. Since the immense success of Mockingbird, Ms. Lee has continued to live in her home town of Monroeville, AL (also the hometown of Truman Capote, her childhood friend). For the past 60 years, Ms. Lee has not “laid low,” she has simply never written another novel. She is extremely active in her local community. Every year, Ms. Lee returns to her alma mater of the University of Alabama “Roll Tide” where she gives a free lecture about Mockingbird, and answers questions from the next generation of her fans. She has made it clear her entire life that Mockingbird shall stand alone, never to be made into a sequel, despite years of pressure from Hollywood. She is widely loved and adored by the entire Alabama community, who consider her a local hero. For her entire life, her literary estate has been fiercely guarded by her older sister, an attorney, who stepped down from that role last year. Now she has a new attorney, is in declining health, and people who have been aware of her wishes for years are quite concerned. This “novel” which is being pushed as a sequel to Mockingbird, was written earlier, in the 1950’s, as is in reality a “first draft practice” novel. This is causing quite a stir after last week’s announcement, and an investigation is under way. Ms. Lee has not appeared in public for over a year, and her new attorney has issued a statement saying simply that Ms. Lee has said, “Don’t expect this novel to be perfect,” meaning that even she knows it will not be the masterpiece people expect, or that something else is going on. There has never been any speculation, ever, that I am aware of, that Harper Lee did not write To Kill a Mockingbird. All you have to do is hear her speak ONCE about her inspiration and you’ll see the love she has for each of these characters. She is the most fascinating and brilliant woman I have ever met, and she is well into her 80’s. It is a terrible, terrible shame that her legacy is about to end this way, after spending her entire life protecting the integrity of that brilliant work. And now, she is to become the butt of people’s jokes about a Lee/Capote/Salinger triangle, 3 extremely talented writers whose debut novels were so perfect that for whatever reasons, a second novel could not be produced.Crimson Owl Creations




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