A Conclusion of our Two-Week Daily Writing Prompt Pilot…of sort

Well that sure was a fast two weeks.

Time flies when you’re having fun having to come up with new and different things to write about on a daily basis.

So, let’s get to the bottom line first, as we like to say in the military.

Bottom line: the Daily Writing Prompts are daily no more.

I think we all realize that, while we had many very talented and creative authors submitting work, we just don’t have a large enough interest to support this as a daily, long-term endeavor.

So, instead, we will have random writing prompts as the mood – and time availability – strikes me. Stay tuned for those…

But the past two weeks were a big nuclear blast of awesomeness and I would like to recognize and thank all those who submitted their creative efforts in an effort to support of this effort of a daily writing prompt thingie. To do so, I list their names by order of submission count. And we all know that the best way for all of us to recognize and thank all of them is for all of us to follow all of them and visit their sites regularly and comment often on their work.

Josh Wrenn (7) – myfridayblog.wordpress.com

karen rawson (4) – karcherry.wordpress.com

Mandy Moran (4) – mandymoran.wordpress.com

Priyanki (3) – jollyprivy.wordpress.com

Dancing Echoes (2) – cjdraper1961.wordpress.com

J Hardy Carroll (2) – hawesescapes.com

Guidance Fitness Personal Training (2) guidancefitnesspt.wordpress.com

gabriel360live (2) – gabriel360live.wordpress.com

kanzensakura – kanzensakura.wordpress.com

randomwordbyruth – whitewhoppie.wordpress.com

intuitivemeditation – fromstillness.wordpress.com

mjlstories – mjlstories.wordpress.com

Ritu – butismileanyway.wordpress.com

Myas – preziosofrye.wordpress.com

Clintington – harrclin.wordpress.com

Satin Sheet Diva – satinsheetdiva.wordpress.com

Yoshiko – zyoshiko.wordpress.com

NR Wishart Healing – nrwisharthealing.com

Jesani D – empowerlovecatalyst.wordpress.com

Doug – almostwisconsin.wordpress.com

(I apologize if I miscounted or misspelled)

What a very wonderful list of authors. Truly. I am most thankful for all’s encouraging support of this most fun and entertaining of endeavors. And I especially would like to thank Josh Wrenn for his motivating support and for getting out there to “beat the bushes,” so to speak, in an effort to drum up more participation. Thanks, Josh!

Now, back to other things – like refocusing on our Newsletter Love Emerson, First Commitment. I invite everyone to subscribe to our little salon-like space of a newsletter full of love and join us there in another writing challenge of sort…

Right on?

Write on!


9 Replies to “A Conclusion of our Two-Week Daily Writing Prompt Pilot…of sort”

  1. Thank You so much Kurt for giving this opportunity. I learned a lot & still learning. It was wonderful reading the work of so many authors & their different ways of writing.
    Got introduced to many new blogs…lot more to explore.
    Thanks for the follow Karen Rawson :). Thanks to all who took out time to read & appreciate my work.

    Liked by 1 person


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