The Power of Ten

Okay, I have a little brain conditioning exercise in the form a fast-paced word association drill.

Below is a list of questions that you can easily solve. I want you to read down the list as quickly as possible, saying out loud the first answer that pops into you mind. The key to the success of this exercise is speed.




What is 5 plus 5?

What is 7 plus 3?

What is 12 minus 2?

What is 8 plus 2?

What is 50 minus 40?

What is 4 plus 6?

What is 6 plus 4?

What is 20 minus 10?

What is 10 minus 0?

What are aluminum cans made of?

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Now, let’s review our answers.

By a show of hands, how many of you were conditioned by the responses into saying aluminum cans are made of ten?

Ha ha! Gotcha…

How many of you said aluminum cans are made of tin thinking you wouldn’t be tricked into saying ten?

Ha ha! Got you, too…

So then, how many of you were able to overcome the mild brainwashing to provide the correct answer that aluminum cans are actually made of aluminum?


43 Replies to “The Power of Ten”

      1. I bet you being ex navy, plus an officer which I hated at the time, sorry they always screwed with you at the beginning until you know your way around ;) , I can imagine perfectly how it would play out in person, I just hoped that the officer wouldn´t pick me out of the group to respond.


          1. Forgot, should say brother in arms from another country. Although I lived in the U.S for half of my early life and two friends joined the Marines that´s why I know quite a bit at least through them, but being Spanish i came back home to join the Spanish army after I went to a Marine recruiting office and the gentleman there very politely thanked me but told me that at least I needed a green card. But that was quite some time ago now.

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          2. Ah… interesting. Then, how about this – Gracias, mi hermano de armas… Doesn’t matter the country of origin, to me those who serve their are all brothers and sisters in arm…


  1. Hahah…OMG!
    Thanks for giving me that good laugh…hahaha…
    That’s why they say, ” Never judge a book by it’s cover”. I thought it’s something contest like coming from you.
    But then as I read…
    I thought I got it, it’s Tin until…haha
    & as laughing is good for brain may be would be able to think better next time..:)

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  2. That was a lot of fun – I got to the last question, blinked as though someone had just thrown cold water on my face, then said ‘aluminium’ immediately followed by, oh I think I’ve missed the point! So even though I got the answer, it still addled my brain, hehe.

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