The Happily Disgruntled Writer reflects on the healing power of religion…

The Happily Disgruntled Writer reflects on the healing power of religion


8 Replies to “The Happily Disgruntled Writer reflects on the healing power of religion…”

    1. If it so pleaseth the Heavenly Power(s) That Is/Be/Are*, perhaps. Who am I to speak on behalf of the Happily Disgruntled Writer and his ambiguous attempt at humor; but it seems to me that modernity, civility, and rational thinking have failed our secular spirits thus far reactionary response of a fight… A lot of blood is being unforgivingly purged and only one side is doing so willingly in the name of a higher calling (as warped as their interpretation of that calling may be). I wonder if that even matters…

      *non-Deity specific


  1. I find that quote from Hebrews chilling, Kurt. But that was written 2000 years ago–and one would think that consciousness would have grown a shade since then. Maybe it has, but I am bewildered by the interplay of the lovely souls I meet in the street, and the twisted hateful souls I see in the news. I still think there is far more of the former than of the latter.

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    1. Let us pray that it is and remains so, sir. The lengthy challenge I see us in the “former” camp facing is no matter how much love, compassion, understanding, reasoning we express to those in the “latter” camp, it grows less and less effective day by day. When humanist and secularist ideals that we have fought so hard for and which have evolved so beautifully over the past 2000 years hold absolutely no sway over the irrational medieval madness of those working toward a new world order led by the caliphate, what is a rational and reasoning boy to do?

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  2. I have to wonder though, how would Secularists treat people that mean to do you harm?

    For example, how would you treat a Serial Killer or Child Molester?

    Is it polite to punish these people? Lock them away? Put them on Death Row?

    I really want to know. What would you do as a Secularist?

    Judeo-Christianity is Esoteric that can be expressed Exoterically, I don’t see the contradiction.



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