So, I was just strolling around LinkedIn and I happened upon this clickbait of a headline:

3 Things Saturday Night Live Can Teach Us About Business

And my first thought was:

How absurd…

And my second thought was:

People will say or do just about anything to be noticed…

And my third thought was:

I bet I can do better than that…

And my fourth thought was:

The headline for this post…




  1. Gee, I try that on my blog a lot, but it never seems to work. “Super Bowl Sex Scandal Breaks Wide Open: ‘We’re Finished!’ Wails Commish”–I thought that was sure-fire reader bait. No such luck. I also tried “A Lurid Tale of Sex, Murder, and Betrayal” to headline my post about having to go to the dentist. That didn’t work, either.

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    1. Seem like sure fire clickbait to me. Looking over your posts the first thing I notice is that you only have one or two tags per. I suggest you tag and/or categorize your post with all the key words/ideas from it but with no more that 15 combined. That way your posts will have a chance to be viewed by more people in the WordPress Reader, which pulls posts into its feeds based on tags. No more than 15 though or the post won’t show in the reader at all. I personally like to have one category word to cover the main idea of the post and 14 tags (either a single word or phrase) that cover specific key ideas from it. Been meaning to do a “Pro” Tip about this but haven’t gotten around to it. Hopefully it helps some.

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