No Excuses…


Except excuses...




About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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22 Responses to No Excuses…

  1. mojoshawn says:

    I can think of no excuse for why you shouldn’t work out today. Unfortunately I can come up with many regarding myself. I need to work on that.

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  2. merrildsmith says:

    I did abs and a spin class this morning, and now I’m baking cookies. That’s about right, isn’t it?

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  3. I chose sleep over gym.. someone said sleep burns calories

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  4. Nurse Kelly says:

    No excuses indeed Kurt! I’ll motivate you! I’m really supposed to be about health but keep veering off track – anyways, I hope you got your daily 30 minutes in at the least!

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  5. lilpickmeup says:

    I love my fitbit. I have been tracking 15,000-18,000 steps a day. So, I have been averaging 7 miles a day on a bad day 5 miles. It’s really motivating having the fitbit track your progress and it’s made me want to keep going further, walking instead of parking close things like that. :)

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  6. bembunny says:

    I run everyday, and everyday, I find new reasons to run. :) Nice photo here.

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  7. Exercise should be a scheduled commitment to keep. Setting an alarm or appointment for yourself will help you stay accountable. Treat it like a spa appointment, not something you have to do. Because it is a luxury to be able to live the life you want to have the time for.

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  8. Even personal trainers need a motivational kick in the seat of the pants. I picture my Senior D.I. over my shoulder sometimes….

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