Blame it on Netflix

You’ve more than likely noticed a significant drop-off of interesting and relevant content (and by interesting and relevant content I mean posts other than this one and all the uninteresting and irrelevant others like it) lately…

Well, if Netflix would slow down on all the awesomeness it has been allowing for, then I could actually focus on some interesting and relevant writing.

You see, I’m a strong proponent for that “all things in moderation” maxim…

Except when it comes to Netflix because, baby, I be doing dome serious binging (or is it bingeing – my guess is that’s how the Brits would spell it… you know, with their love for extraneous letters and odd “proper” pronunciations, and all) for the past couple month, or so.

But hopefully things will get back on track soon as I’m just about caught up on most of my favorites such as…

(lame ending)
(all 5000 or so episodes)
Sons of Anarchy
(yes, like everyone else I, too, have a man-crush on Jax)
Hell on Wheels
Peaky Blinders
(masterful. award-worthy)
Magic City
(bad acting but still fun)
(never fully recovered after Andy Whitfield, Spartacus I, died from cancer)
And many others I’m too embarrassed to admit I watched

Though, I still have some work to do on these favorites…

Foyle’s War
Ripper Street
The Walking Dead
Marco Polo

I’ve started these but probably won’t finish for lack of interest…

Breaking Bad
Orange is the New Black
Dr Who
Mad Men
House of Cards
(boring original version)

But all things have come to a halt as the binge has begun on the crack-daddy of them all

House of Cards (awesome new version)

Oh yeah…

On second thought, it appears interesting and relevant may be lacking around here for quite some time to come…

Binge on?

Binge on!



53 Replies to “Blame it on Netflix”

  1. You gotta give both Breaking Bad and Mad Men a chance. They take a while to develop, but they are two of the best-written and best-executed shows in TV history. Peaky Blinders is really good, as is The Knick and Boardwalk Empire. if by saying that Dexter had a lame ending you mean the last three seasons, I totally agree with you. They should have quit after season two, I think.

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    1. You’re totally spot on about Dexter. Finished out of obligation and still consider it a favorite because the first couple seasons were so good. My son is all about BB and keeps telling me to give it another try. Forgot about Boardwalk. It’s on the to do list…


  2. All things in moderation. Ha. One episode of Spartacus and you are up all night craving one episode after the next…the best man soap opera everrrrrrrrrr

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  3. Six Feet Under is definitely worth a look as a series. You’re right.The Dexter finale was a cop out. One of the best series was I’ll Fly Away with Sam Waterston. Great story, great acting. It’s an old one. After the first season, the network was going to drop it because of the ratings, but after slews of us wrote in asking for another season, they complied and ran season two.
    Have you ever seen Twin Peaks?Quirky but interesting.

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    1. I’ve heard good things about all of them but for some reason I haven’t been compelled to give them a shot. But now that they have your endorsement, I’ll give them another look or two… :)


  4. I notice a number of UK series on your lists. You will love “Foyles War.” It is a classy prodeuct with great acting and characters. I would also suggest the shows called “Doc`Martin” and “The Vicar of Dibley.” British comedy at its best.

    John Kraft

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    1. Yeah, I am really into Foyle’s War – I just need to watch the latest season on Netflix. The Brits are doing some awesome work; however, I’m not much into their comedies. I think I was forever scarred by having to listen to all the late night Benny Hill inanities pouring out from under my parent’s bedroom door when I was young.

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  5. Ha! Kept Internet and got rid of all cable related things, along with land-line phone and allowed Netflix into my abode…. now I have more to add to my 130+ list to be watched…. and a plan for my afternoon as I listen to the wind blow giant icicles off the roof….

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    1. Sounds like you have all figured out perfectly, as there really seems to be not much use for anything non-internet related. I’m surprised network tv is taking so long to dump the airwaves. And we’re being pummeled by the gods of snow and ice here, too.

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  6. Ah yes, I’ve fallen into the Netflix rabbit hole myself. ;) Absolutely enamored by Sherlock and am waiting impatiently for the next season. Haven’t watched Peaky Blinders yet although it’s on my list. So House of Cards has improved? I may give that another chance.

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  7. We graduated from House Of Cards to Hannibal, which is the most shameful Netflix binge so far. The more we watch, the higher the graphic murdering and psychopathic counter goes! Mr Honeybadger is working his way through Marco Polo, which lumbers on dully.

    I am getting into Nathan Barley from 2005 right now, that’s my TV crack of choice. I don’t think that is on Netflix though.

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    1. I’ve never really watched network shows…at least not since I was a child – I don’t appreciate the limitations placed on them. But I have been following along with Gotham – now that they stream the shows it makes it much easier to follow – and it’s pretty good.


  8. As for Brit series:

    2012, Early Doors, Jeeves and Wooster, Being Human, Peep Show and the Mitchell and Webb Look, Black Books, Green Wing, The Mighty Boosh, Episodes, Yes Minister, Spaced, the period dramas such as Forsyte Saga, Brideshead Revisited, Jane Eyre (the bbc one that came out recently) are all faves of mine.

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      1. Yes! I completely agree. I did a blog post (I think a couple of weeks back) talking about the show in its entirety and some of the seasons that were… down?

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    1. I’m surprised I didn’t get more push back on this. I thought for sure all Brits would rally around it and condemn my remark against it. But I gave it a try and found it… Zzzz


  9. I spent my weekend on House of Cards! Only 2 episodes left. :( Marco Polo is really good. I hope they do another season. My son keeps telling me to watch Peaky Blinders, so now I have 2 reco’s so I’ll have to give it a go. I keep up with The Walking Dead on regular TV (one of the few shows I do). Mad Men was up and down for me, but I’m glad I kept with it. I quit watching Spartacus when they recast. Just didn’t have the heart to keep watching. Sherlock! Can’t wait for some new stuff. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad, SOA, or Orange is the New Black. I have to have SOME reading time! :)

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  10. Netflix is such a time vampire! I take umbrage that you found Doctor Who not interesting! What an outrage! :-)

    House of Card is the most depressing best show ever. It is depressing just to think to yourself that such scenarios are possible!

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    1. What I like best about it is that it pulls back the curtain on higher office. And I’m not referring to all the dirty politics only. I mostly mean that it shows that the higher office – regardless the country and regardless the occupation – is just a job and to succeed in it requires collaboration, teamwork, effective communications skills. Even as dirty as Underwood is, he still requires study, hard work, and the help from a network of friends, colleagues, and sometimes foes, to accomplish his goals. Too often we allow god-like powers for our most powerful officials and business executives when in reality they are just people like us. The more we understand the inner workings of these seemingly out of reach positions the better off we all will be…even as depressing as our new understanding may be.

      Anyway…I will now step down from my soapbox. :)


      1. Hahaha, I didn’t really think of it that way, but you are right. It takes a great deal of teamwork and the ability to delegate. I don’t remember if Rome was on your list…but if you haven’t check it out, you should. It an HBO series about the last days of the Republic and the early years of Augustus. It is great.



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  11. I’m so glad peaky blinders got a mention, it really is good what it’s trying to do. That said, Mad Men builds up and it has the most subtle way of presenting characters and their development, no overblown character arcs, just consistency. Give it a chance I would say. Need to start House of Cards…

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    1. Yeah, I may watch PB for a second time after I finish up HOC (I have only one episode left!). Yeah, everyone gives MM great reviews but I just don’t have a desire. Saw the first couple of episodes on a flight and it just didn’t connect. Maybe some day.

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