Caption This! no.1

Catch 22 Saloon

Your caption could be here


I saw this today while cruising Eastern Baltimore.

Many thoughts came to mind when I saw it.

However, I thought it would be fun to see what comes to your mind when seeing it.

Post your caption in the comment section.

Caption with the most “Likes” win.

Picture will be posted tonight with winning caption and a link to the winner’s website.

Have fun!



About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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21 Responses to Caption This! no.1

  1. “Catch 22: Where there are infinite and equal pros and cons to everything!”

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  2. If you weren’t mad when you walked in, you will be by the time you leave….

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  3. Rose Red says:

    Leave your shoes outside the door.
    No shirt, no shoes, no service.

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  4. kbailey374 says:

    “Should I stay or should I go now…” (I know the answer lol)

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  5. mojoshawn says:

    Their slogan, “Catch 22 Saloon…if the food doesn’t get you, the spirits will.”

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    • Had to look this one up. Despite my proximity to B’more, I haven’t watched The Wire yet. It’s on the list. However, based upon your recommendation I started watching Breaking Bad. Pretty good. Great acting.


  6. Mandy Moran says:

    Eat and drink as much as you like for free!
    Consequences are compulsory!!!

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  7. Josh Wrenn says:

    #1 Review on Yelp: “I hate everything about this place but I hate not going.”

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  8. doctorlynn says:

    I don’t have a caption, just a thought. I’ll bet some great stories have been told inside that joint over the years!

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  9. It is next door to the police station.

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  10. DTPIIXART says:

    Sorry I don’t have a caption. I just wanted to say I love that font on the “Catch 22” part of the sign.

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  11. janjoy52 says:

    Something fishy about this place!

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  12. “Join us for Happy Hour – You’re Drunk if you do, drunk if you don’t”

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  13. samaborder says:

    Heaven or Heller.

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  14. Doug says:

    That’s some catch that Catch 22…

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