The Horse Apocalypse

Leashes? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Leashes!

10 Replies to “The Horse Apocalypse”

  1. LMAO! Gotta love a hound!

    As a dog handler this video is a training session in the making lol. Watching your dogs zig-zag all over gave me a good laugh while I automatically mumbled advice nobody could hear hahaha. You might have more control and less tangling by using top attach harnesses on them. What sucks about harnesses though is trying to find one that fits them puppy stage through adult.

    Are you trying to desensitize your dogs to the horses?

    Thanks for the giggles :) Love the baying!!!

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    1. Yeah, we have harnesses but it’s so much easier to slip the chokers on…but, you’re right, it would assuredly be worth the effort. And yes, that was their first horse encounter. Knew it would be fun…especially with Aurelius the drama queen. Obedience training starts in 2 weeks. Please pray for me. :)

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  2. If the horses felt threatened, they would not have stood quietly eating their meal. Horses are flight animals, so they would have run away, if they were intimated by your dogs.
    I’ve worked with lots of dogs, but never any from the hound family. These hounds have a distinct language all their own. Looks like the horses understood what their baying meant.
    Thanks for sharing this video. Loved the video and the music. Credits were priceless.
    Shine On

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    1. Ha ha… Yeah, you probably can’t hear it over the music but I kept telling Aurelius that the horses could care less about his problem with them. :) I’m glad you enjoyed it, 2015chronicles.


  3. I almost got a picture of my dog watching your dogs… but she’s afraid of cameras (even phone cameras) as soon as I reached for the phone, she went into the other room. Darnit! It’s a cute video!

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