The Happily Disgruntled Writer



15 thoughts on “The Happily Disgruntled Writer reflects on censorship as well as the odd comparison of blue cheese to creative writing…

    1. I feel ya. Still need to read up on it more but I can’t believe it doesn’t violate copyright. I just put all my books up on Smashwords and I am happy to find out that they just pulled all their titles from Clean Reader.

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  1. Well, I think the “blue cheese in the salad metaphor” wasn’t bad for someone who’s obviously not foresightful enough to query the waitperson if those greens are accompanied by a few cobalt curds.

    Yep, I’ve propelled a book across the room due to profanity, while exclaiming one. But it wasn’t because of certain words, it was because of “wrong” word usage.

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  2. Oh how I wish George Carlin was still alive to get his two cents in on this app. My thought is that diction contributes to the overall emotion of a work. It’s just not the same for a character to be called a big meanie instead of a rat bastard.

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