Not Quite At Its Peak

The lovely and loving wife and I made a quick visit to one of my most favorite spots on this ol’ very pretty but very petulant planet of ours to capture a few images of the Cherry Blossoms pre-peak. Peak blossom will be next week so you can be assured we will make a much less quicker visit then to capture the full bloom.

If you, too, would love to see Washington DC’s fabulous Cherry Blossoms, gifts of friendship to the people of the United States from the people of Japan many years ago, but are unable to make the trip, you can see them live via the awesome site There you can point the lens to different areas, zoom in and out, and even capture a few photos of the beauty and wonderment for yourself.

Can’t wait until next week to see the trees in their peak, and to enjoy the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in their honor.



19 Replies to “Not Quite At Its Peak”

  1. Beautiful photos, Kurt! I love DC but we’ve never been able to time a trip with seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom. One of these days… I think it’s so sweet that you refer to your wife as lovely and loving – hope you both enjoy the rest of your trip :)

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  2. The pictures are beautiful. I love stuff like this. Do you go to Shenandoah in the Fall too? That’s a sight to see too. We went a couple of times when I lived in Virginia Beach but it was a full day’s trip for us from there. Totally worth it,but yeah…

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