A Short Film of Suspense and Danger

Starring Aurelius & Zeno



16 Replies to “TRUCKNADO”

  1. Forge forever on!👍
    I love the music & the video…it gave me goosebumps. I like it!
    Don’t know your idea exactly behind this Kurt but as I understood it was exciting & motivating for me! :)

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  2. That was great! Your dogs are obviously excellent trackers. You could have some real fun with them and give them great mental stimulation by doing some tracking just for kicks. All you really need is a scent ( I usually start with a food item, wieners are good. ) Make some quick tracking flags with like chopsticks or wire with some colored tape (I use a colored duct tape as it holds up really well) . Mark your track with the flags, drag your scent/food item along the track with you and leave the big bonus food item at the end of the track.

    Once they are on to the whole tracking idea you can use other items like clothing / gloves. Use less flags until finally they/you don’t need them. Check it out on the net. Some great info out there that doesn’t involve hunting lol :)

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