My most favoritest new reading app…

After you download and read all of my books and stories and write raving reviews of them at any bookstore you can find all throughout the internet land, I highly recommend you download the Overdrive app. It’s a great way to read ebooks and, what I like best about it, listen to audiobooks for free, all while supporting your local library…or whatever library for which you happen to have a valid library card.

Click to enlarge
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It’s a piece of carrot cake to use. Just download it to your phone, create your account, search for your library, plug in your library card number and both presto and voila, you’ll be reading or listening to books in no time.

And if you’re not into the whole smartphone thingy, you can do it all online right here.

And speaking of libraries, if you haven’t already – and I’m pretty sure you already have – how about petitioning your library to stock my books?

Hey, awesome, thanks dude*.

Yours truly rockin' the audiobook THE SEA IS MY BROTHER, a novel by Jack Kerouac on his favoritist newest app Overdrive
Yours truly rockin’ the audiobook version of THE SEA IS MY BROTHER, a posthumously published novel by Jack Kerouac, on my most favoritist new app


*non-gender specific


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