Summertime Blues – A Call for Guest Contributors

I read an article a good while back about a study that concluded that we humans tend to be more productive and creative during cooler weather periods than warmer weather periods. Now, I cannot speak to the veracity of the study; however, I can speak to the fact that from now (and maybe even sooner) until the end of summer, if not longer, yours truly will be significantly less productive and creative.

Consequently, in an effort to, if not cure, than at least offset my summertime productive blues, I ask for your assistance. I am asking all you Indie-types, be you an author, artist, photographer, whatever, to contribute a guest post to this blog discussing what it has been like for you to self-publish your work.

You are free to discuss your creative process, the logistical process, the publishing process, or whatever process you have gained insight to during your Indie experience that you feel will both interest and instruct us, and, ultimately, improve and enhance our own future Indie efforts.

Oh, and while you are at it, don’t forget to pitch to us the final product of your creative effort (book, artwork, photography, etc.) for which you wish us to purchase.

You can email me your submission through the Contact page and we’ll work together from there to get it posted.

The more submissions, the merrier. I expect it to be a long, hot unproductive summer for me so I hope you all are willing to help me to keep this blog active and interesting throughout.

Please include links to any pictures or products you’d like to include in your post and I’ll format them to your liking.

Our first guest author post in this series is by author Jason Greensides and it will be up tomorrow evening, Inshallah. In the interim, you can check out Jason’s work at

Let me know if you have any questions.

And let the long lazy hazy unproductive days of summer begin!

Right on?

Write on!

13 Replies to “Summertime Blues – A Call for Guest Contributors”

  1. So, if I am living in Florida, I suppose I am doomed for nine months out of the year, huh? ;-) As a native Pennsylvanian, I do miss the cooler weather, especially in the fall. Ironically, I have just taken the leap, maybe prematurely, into the world of digital self-publishing through the Amazon Kindle program. This is a great idea to help everyone keep moving forward until those cool breezes of inspiration return – I’m looking forward to it!

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  2. I am honored with your following! I have not checked my sites for new followers until a few moments ago and, I found you! Wow! My Father has a marvelous way of getting His point across yours truly thick brains!
    Here I was, wandering about because of love, (lack or existence of it) emotions, passions, human beings and me!
    In dealing with the amazing and successful best sellers freely givers of their talents to us rookies, I have come to a very unique stage of my journey in the Presence of my Father.
    Thus, my wandering. But, on this moment of my wandering, up pops none other but the most unique of the unique in this world of publishers, none other than Kurt Brindley! And he is following me? Wow!
    Yours truly is at a stand still moment in this posting matter, but, I would like to submit my entry about this matter in the journal of my life. Perhaps you will find it worthy of some attention. I will email you in a moment.
    Again, you are the most unique of the unique in this world–just like I like to describe my own self! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! :-)
    His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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