To quote from my “About” page…

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it’s an exact quote.

I’d check but my About page is so damn long I don’t feel like going through all the effort.

So, I guess it would be more accurate for me to say:

To paraphrase from my “About” page…

Which I will now do:

I love sports but since I am a fan of Cleveland sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, I often seem bitter and disappointed.

Right now I am extremely disappointed but not so much bitter.

It’s hard to be too bitter seeing how, as many men down they were, they still put such a herculean effort into it and simply just didn’t have enough muscle in the end.

So, congrats to both the Golden State Warriors and the Cavs.

And, like we Cleveland fans always say, and have been saying at the end of each of the Indians’, the Browns’, and the Cavs’ season for every single year I have been on this pretty yet petulant planet of ours (if you want to know how old I am all you have to know is I was born the year after Cleveland won its last professional sports championship):

There’s always next year…


Thank God for the Ohio State Buckeyes!

(And if you want to know my hometown, all you have to know is the hometown of the Buckeyes’ football coach.)


14 Replies to “To quote from my “About” page…”

  1. So, the only reason I know what you’re talking about is because my Facebook newsfeed blew up yesterday with updates about “Hell yeah! Warriors!” from my brother and nephew for a good two hours. I’m guessing… basketball? It’s sports, y’all are talking about sports, right? Tell me I’m close. (kidding, I know it’s at least sports.)

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      1. I knew it! ^_^

        Nah, I figured it was basketball… since I’m somewhat familiar with the major league baseball team names, and it’s too early for football — and I’m kinda familiar with their names too. So, by process of elimination… basketball.

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  2. My first ever MLB game was a Cleveland game in the last year of the Municipal Stadium, so 1993. They beat the hell out of the Chicago White Sox. We were there for my grandmother’s funeral, and it was such a nice break. I’m not a huge baseball fan, and have been too a few games in Seattle, so my loyalties are divided between the Indians and the Mariners. I am also a LeBron fan (sorry to hear he is leaving again) regardless of what the haters say, and so I was hoping the Cavs could pull it off, knowing that was unlikely as destroyed as that team was by injury. They played their hearts out though, and that makes them champions, if not THE Champions.

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    1. Dude, don’t scare me like that. I had to do an immediate frantic search to see if what you said, if what is in the back of all Cavs’ fans minds, is true – fortunately it is not. LeBron is staying home, thank you very much.

      And coincidentlally, one of the last MLB games I saw was the Tribe vs Seattle in Seattle, way back in the 90s. Cleveland won.

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        1. Couldn’t find anything except a SN story from last year about him leaving Miami. However, nothing is set in stone yet since he has until the end of the month to opt out. Cavs front office is working hard to ensure he stays by effectively making him the de facto GM and letting him have a say in all off-season moves.

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