Marvel Shmarvel – the real Super Heroes are the Volunteer Readers for #TeamLibriVox

And the Super Hero In Chief at LibriVox is the…

One And Only…
Able To Read the Densest Tomes Without Once Tying The Tongue…

Mr. Bob Neufeld

Seriously folks, if you love classic literature and love to listen to classic voice actors, you need to check out Bob Neufeld’s grand body of work.

Seriously folks, I’ve been a fan of Neufeld’s ever since I found him at the beginning of my First Commitment to Emerson (yes, that’s still a thing – stay tuned).

Seriously folks, I just finished Neufeld’s reading of a Heart of Darkness and I’ve never experienced the book so deeply and movingly. More to follow on this reading.

Seriously folks, go to his page, load up your Kindle with all books Neufeld has narrated, and spend your summer, like intend to, listening to the greatest literature being read by one great voice actor.

And you can do it all for free.

You’re welcome, folks.




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7 Responses to Marvel Shmarvel – the real Super Heroes are the Volunteer Readers for #TeamLibriVox

  1. There are a lot of great volunteers over at LibriVox. I’ve enjoyed listening.

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  2. kenyonarcopeland01 says:

    Reblogged this on KENYONA R. COPELAND.


  3. Ava says:

    Like, seriously?

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  4. l1brarygrl says:

    Huge reader, know there are wonderful audio book actors? readers? I’ve tried and can’t stay focused. I need that book in my hands.

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    • Yes, I prefer the hard copy as well for the deep read; but I find the voice reading is a nice accompaniment and brings a different perspective to the work.

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      • l1brarygrl says:

        Then I want to see it acted out ;) I often read books aloud. Kinda ironic, I think. Esp. with English characters. I read an entire book aloud in a British (it got better!) accent recently. And my therapist wonders why a good man hasn’t snatched me up yet…lol



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