Nebula Cultus no.5

Nebula Cultus no.5

During that half-measured beat of our lives
for Heaven, we look upward to Sky
for Hell, downward to Earth

All while desperately, dependently, desirously
existing within an infinitely expanding Universe –
our One Song Eternal – a Rhythmical Void void
of Direction
of Time

A Void where that which we seek
be it that Heaven, or that Hell
can only be found within
that Composition of our



7 Replies to “Nebula Cultus no.5”

  1. This one is a teaser. I’d be pulled in with a line and pushed away by another. (I’m not a fan of adverbs, per se.) I am knocked by the lyricism of repetition beating words against my brain. (Sometimes I like a clip clop canter to words, other times it strikes me as jarring.) But every time you got close to losing my focus, you’d pull it back in again. You are the moon and I am the sea. I am dragged into your influence against my will by a tide of well-placed words.

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      1. Adverbs may be your sweet release, but give me a grandiloquent, verbose, archaic, multi-syllabic monstrosity of a word any day. Any linguist worth his or her salt knows: size matters.



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