You As Now

You As Now

it’s not where you are
it’s why and it’s how you are
it’s the now you are



16 Replies to “You As Now”

        1. I don’t know for sure but he seems to be a frog of the toad persuasion. He had been occupying a different dirt-filled square in the container the past week. However, today he moved to his present spot to meditate and become aware. His name is Prince Rupert, as are all like him who happen upon my kingdom.

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  1. Presents of the Moment … Blessed little being that eat slugs n snails .. those little rally drivers on slime … that can locate and emerge from nowhere in seconds flat & chow through your lettuces faster than a formula one driver can take a lap in any Grand Prix … they sure do have my vote ;) .. meet Mrs Toady in her a wee Hello from across the big pond :) ( sorry not sure if that link worked .. so : )

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