You As Now

You As Now

it’s not where you are
it’s why and it’s how you are
it’s the now you are



About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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16 Responses to You As Now

  1. Is that a receipt next to your toad? How much are those going for now?

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  2. We continue to observe the strange goings on south of our border.

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  3. Questions – is it alive? Is it supposed to look like that? And if it isn’t alive…well, I don’t want to know ;-).

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  4. angietrafford says:

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    Very true.

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  5. Aimer Boyz says:

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    For all of us who say, next year, when I retire, when I loose weight, when I save enough money; then I will live, then I will be happy… here is a gentle reminder to stop and breathe and smile :)

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  6. Presents of the Moment … Blessed little being that eat slugs n snails .. those little rally drivers on slime … that can locate and emerge from nowhere in seconds flat & chow through your lettuces faster than a formula one driver can take a lap in any Grand Prix … they sure do have my vote ;) .. meet Mrs Toady in her a wee Hello from across the big pond :) ( sorry not sure if that link worked .. so : )

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  7. Girl With A Reading Problem says:

    I really enjoyed this, gave me a giggle and some good zen MOJO for today haha
    Thank you for sharing!

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