Sailors, All Are We*


To all the Sailors lost at Sea
Whatever to Them
Their Sea
May be

And remembering thus
That all of Us
Through Life
Are Sailing

*This poem is the dedication for the forthcoming short story collection
LEAVE: And Other Stories Short And Shorter

LEAVE: A Short Story

Read the short story LEAVE for free at Smashwords



About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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11 Responses to Sailors, All Are We*

  1. wallacecass says:

    I was Regular USN from ’85-’92. Once you been at sea, it never truly leaves you.

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  2. Benjamin. says:

    Oh, the metaphor. :)

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  3. Berna says:

    I downloaded your short story. And look forward to reading it

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  4. to all the sailors lost at sea – makes me think of my grandfather – a ship’s engineer all his working life from the age of 14. Might be time to write about him. Thanks.

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  5. Robyn says:

    Hi Kurt. Just busy reading your short story. I’ll get back to you with feedback shortly. Two great uncles were lifeboat coxswains, and another was lost to the sea as a very young man. My grandmother told me of how her brothers would walk the beach every day, hoping they might recover his body for burial. The mighty sea never gave up his remains. My great grandfather worked at sea from the age of 10, a young Swede who managed to get British citizenship at the age of 25.

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