Backyard Bliss no.2


You can view the unedited version here. (And while there, you might as well check out my few other vids, “Like” them, perhaps, and if you feel slightly daring, go ahead and subscribe to my channel.)




10 Replies to “Backyard Bliss no.2”

  1. We stopped stocking the bird/squirrel feeder when the feeder became simply a squirrel/squirrel feeder and pieces of it started coming off in chunks thanks to the rats with fuzzy tails ripping it apart with their “cute little” teeth. The squirrel population control program began and so far over thirty five of the RWFT’s have been removed to the state game lands where they can deal with the men in orange each fall. We also don’t have a hummingbird feeder (thought I missed the point of this post didn’t ya?) but receive regular visits to the back yard from the little guys thanks to The Child Bride’s nearly dead flower rescue NGO. See:

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      1. I was a lifelong avid hunter. I had to give the meat away. Family humored me for an occasional taste but the squinched noses and foreheads didn’t lie. I transitioned into hunting but not shooting. I would get out and scout and walk the woods finding the spot for the actual hunt then take the rifle or shotgun for a “nice walk in the woods” passing up game but enjoying the day. Eventually I left the firearms at home and took my Nikon instead. I don’t have it in me anymore to plug the little rats with fuzzy tails but I have no qualms emptying the Hav-a-Heart trap in the game lands parking lot. And hey kid, you’ll shoot yer eye out with that…

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  2. Beautiful video, Kurt. I’ve got to plant some trumpet vines — my grandmother had them down the shore and she had hummingbirds all summer.

    And speaking of squirrels — we got one of those bungee-cord thingies to hang dried corn from. Hung it just out of reach of the tree so the squirrels have to jump onto it. Up and down, round and round they’d go as they grabbed their corn, until one of them figured out he could scamper down the cord and sit and eat all day!

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  3. Hi Kurt. I was going to comment on the very interesting guest post by Avril Meyler but at this point on my path, I’m anything for a lighten up life! I’m reading her articles with a knowing nod, however, considering I used to work in the mental health field and have my own views and insights on mental health, but now’s neither the time nor the place because that backyard of yours is what I’m talking about! Wow. Having pools in the yard in Northumberland would be a paradise for masochists only. Here in the UK, every summer there’s excited sightings of hummingbirds but in reality they’re the equally delightful and beautiful hawk-bird humming moth. A tourist’s eagle, if you will! I’ll post a pic of my backyard sans pool. Will 150 year old beech trees suffice?!!

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