Beyond the Fields


life beyond the fields
too, has its risings, settings
tho’ absent such sol


16 Replies to “Beyond the Fields”

  1. The mysterious words you speak Kurt ;) For me this means “not seeing the sun doesn’t mean she’s not there”, not seeing chances in life doesn’t mean they’re not there.

    What does it mean to you?

    Warm regards and enjoy your Wednesday!


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      1. Likewise mate! Haha, I guess so. But apparently it’s all happening in the city, that’s why we love to live here. Whatever “it” is ;)

        But you are right, I love the country side!

        Happy Sunday!

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          1. NYC might be a bit too hectic to live in for me, although I’ve never been there so wouldn’t know ;) But it sounds great! I prefer some life around me over total silence. The silence is only nice for some resting days :)


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          2. Haha you are absolutely right Kurt! Or how about the rooster waking you up at 5 or 6 am?!

            NYC is on the list, and I’ve heard it is overwhelming. I’ll see!

            Warm regards,

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  2. I just love seeing your photography almost every day, even though I rarely have time to leave a comment! It’s all beautiful, and sometimes haunting. I lived in Philadelphia for many years, and traveled the East Coast extensively, and I just love the beauty and familiarity of many of your images.

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