And God spake unto Moses,   I Am That I Am!

And I speak unto thee,   Well then, so am I!

I mean, seriously, that That in the name of God has to be the most ambiguous pronoun in the history of pronouns…

I mean, seriously, that That’s antecedent can be literally anything…

And yes, I do mean “literally”…

I mean, seriously, we are talking about God here, right?


Ergo, if that That in the name of God can mean anything at all within the expanses of the endless and infinite universes – those of the past, the present, and the future – then that That in the name of God can surely mean me.



Ergo, if God Is Me He Is, then it must mean that I Am God I Am.



Now, after reading this, I’m certain (and not just because I’m God) that some of you are beside yourself right now and are literally, yes, literally, damning me (not Me) to Hell for all of infinity right about now.

Well, all I have to say in response to your damn damnation is…

May God bless you.

And I do.


34 Replies to “I AM GOD I AM”

  1. Reblogged this on MDellert-dot-Com and commented:
    Because I have a love of wordplay and the First Amendment, and because it evokes shades of Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land,” I recommend giving Kurt Brindley a read this week. It might be borderline blasphemous, but it’s thought-provoking.

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  2. Sir, I do believe in your humor you have hit upon something profound! I thought of two things when I read this, one from a Western perspective and the other from an Eastern outlook.

    First, as the excerpt is Hebrew, and later taken on by Christians, the interpretation was that God (in the limited human language, Hebrew or Aramaic) is Existence itself, that He is isness. In this understanding, according to theologians (namely Garrigrou-Lagrange), God as Existence as Being sustains everything in their own existence and being. Simply put: God is Being and we subsist in Being and have being. So in a certain sense, according to this school of thought, we participate in Godness, as gods.

    Second, to draw from the creation myth from the Hindu Upanishads, in the beginning there was Brahma, he was one, and only. But he was alone, so he split into man and woman. The man and woman had offspring, and their offspring had offspring, and thus came the world. Though each man and woman believe themselves to be seperate entities, Hinduism teaches that seperation is an illusion: we are all God, or Brahma. Hinduism therefore dedicates itself to eradicating the self and becoming ONE with the universe that is Brahma.

    So, whether you are Christian or not, to say “I am God,” is not entirely blasphemous!

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    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing this, The Kietz. As for it being written humorously, it doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously. I mean, how else can the Holy Trinity of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost be explained (explained to me at least… all of the other theological rationalizations I’ve heard about it don’t make much sense to me).

      Anyway… :)


  3. God was saying, first of all, to you who are despairing that there even is a God, the One your forefathers spoke of, the one who chose Abraham to carry the seed who would redeem the world and, indeed promised to make you into a great nation, I AM. I AM the one Who knew you and chose you and called you and destined you for amazing greatness. I AM the one who made a blood covenant with Jacob while he slept. A covenant whereby I walked as a smoking lamp between animals sawn in two to signify: may this be my lot if I fail to keep my part of the bargain with you. I AM your deliverer! I AM your refuge! I AM your strong tower! I AM your healer! I AM WATER to the thirsty, BREAD to the hungry, THE WAY to the lost, THE TRUTH to the confused and deceived, the RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE for the one needing a do over and hope in times of despair and grieving.
    I am so glad God didn’t just say “Hi Mo! Tell your bros God sent you.” ALL the nations around had their gods. Lots of gods. What sets apart the GOD of THE burning bush that was not consumed, from all others is that all the others were made by man and this God made man and has intersected man’s path in his time of deepest pain and despair and says I AM. I AM ALL YOU NEED.

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