beyond the creek’s bend
sight unseen still it must flow
but how do we know



9 thoughts on “What Must Be Must Be?

  1. janjoy52

    And yet, forthwith, we must advance for the path to the past is forever closed. So be prepared as best you can. With light and sword and helpful hands. To go alone and yet beware for pain and tragedies must be shared.

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  2. laurietopin

    This mustn’t be
    Unless it must
    In that I place
    All of my trust

    Would love to get your guidance. I do not know how frequently you actually read my blog, but I am planning to come forward soon as a survivor of mental illness, with an autobiography. Any advice you can give would be so appreciated.

    FYI my blog is now under the website Looking forward to seeing you there!

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    1. Kurt Brindley Post author

      Hello, laurietopin. Thank you for reaching out to me but I’m not sure what advice I can give you except be true… and interesting. Congratulations on your strength and determination and good luck with your book.

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