Restrictive We


restricted we are
not by laws or by limits
but by self alone


18 Replies to “Restrictive We”

    1. Yes, indeed. That is life. Existentially speaking, however, to not attend, one must first choose to not attend; and then, as is with every choice we commit ourselves to, we must suffer the consequences of that choice of our not attending.


  1. Which is assuming we are ever aware of the consequences, the nature and existence of the consequences, or the consequences of our ignorance of the consequences if not knowing them involves further choice: this is great! It could go on forever, couldn’t it?

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  2. If we look at this esoterically, with all being undifferentiated consciousness, we could indeed say that the concept of “self” is a limitation, the vessel into which our separation from divinity is poured. Less if definitely more in this case. Thought provoking for it’s brevity. Many thanks!

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