Short Verses & Other Curses – Promotional Giveaway Until 12/26/15

Short Verses & Other Curses

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I began focusing much of my poetry writing on the Japanese poetic forms of haiku, senryū, and tanka at the beginning of 2012 as a therapeutic effort when finding myself in the midst of an illness. And I continue to write them even as I find myself, at the end of 2015, in the midst of wellness – their therapy for me being more calmative now than curative.

The Short Versesin this collection are all either haiku, senryū, or tanka, with those in the latter half of the section being accompanied by a titled photograph or drawing…

The Other Curses in this collection are poems and sayings following no particular form or convention – in other words, they are quite informal and unconventional. Some in this section are accompanied with a photograph or drawing; many are not.

I discover truth and meaning in the concepts of no mind, living in the now, non-attachment, and the angst of existence as found in the practices and philosophies and Zazen, Stoicism, and Existentialism. Additionally, I admire greatly the concepts taught by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You may notice these conceptual influences laced throughout this collection…

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9 Replies to “Short Verses & Other Curses – Promotional Giveaway Until 12/26/15”

  1. The giveaway is a great idea. When you send out the giveaways you could access another way of marketing your products and yourself.
    If send out by mail, include literature about another item(eg: book) you want to promote. If email electronic copy of giveaway, you could also include an electronic advertisement to promote the other.
    Hope this was helpful.

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    1. Yes it it. Thank you. And equally helpful, if not more, would be for you to grab a free copy of the book, read it, write a review for it, and then encourage all your friends and social network followers to do the same. :) Thanks again, kwolf114.



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