#RIPBOWIE – The man who changed the world…





About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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16 Responses to #RIPBOWIE – The man who changed the world…

  1. hilsart says:

    Yes and a very bright star who will continue to shine. Happy memories.

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  2. Tony Martin says:

    great icon, said this on FB today. a massive void in the industry

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  3. A man of many talents. His spirit will live on.

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  4. He left us too soon indeed! But I know that the music in heaven just got a whole lot better! :)

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  5. simono1968 says:

    a terrible loss, but his music, his films, his ideas and in many more ways his presence remain and will continue to inspire, encourage and promote creative work and diversity in many areas, his death is keenly felt but his life will long be remembered, sad times

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  6. Rebel, rebel of conformity, Prince of Glitter Rock, ever reinventing himself without fear, went thru his final Changes,….Bowie…Ziggy Stardust…RIP.

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