I posted this about an hour ago on my personal facebook page and it seems to have hit a positive nerve (for the most part). I figured I might as well share it with a broader group of friends to see what you all think, as well.

What I like most about ‪#‎Trump‬ is that he…
– makes me feel smart
– makes me feel more appreciative of my chemo-crazy hair
– makes me feel much more humane and sensitive to others’ needs
– makes me laugh because he is such a dork
– is regarded negatively by 70% of our voting population

What I like least about Trump is that…
– unbelievably he seems to be the inevitable ‪#‎Republican‬ nominee and his popularity only seems to be growing within the party
– as president he would do more damage to us as a nation than even Dubya did, if that can even be imagined
– he’s so hard to look at with all that orange glow going on

Anyway… I especially like Trump because of the opportunities he provides for such fun spoofs of him such as this Game of Thrones version…

Regardless whether you like Trump or not, enjoy the video and keep having fun…

That’s all there is to it. You can view the associated Game of Thrones spoof video at my public facebook page; or, apparently there is a way you can follow my private face page without actually doing the friend request thing because, I didn’t realize this until now, but I have a few hundred followers and it seems to be they who have sparked all the shares and whatnot of the post.

It’s a bit frustrating to think that I have close to 12,000 followers of my public facebook page but I hardly reach any of them unless I pay Magic Mark Zuckerberg to promote my posts.


I guess you can say I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.

Meaning I love to hate it!




25 thoughts on “While going semi-viral…

  1. It’s a puzzle, isn’t it? All sane people seems to dislike what the rump pump stands for but he seems to be the inevitable republican nominee. Go figure.
    For a moment I thought your photo had an uncanny resemblance to young Trump:) No offense intended.

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    1. Well, not sure if the words sane and republican can be associated together anymore. As for the doppleganger… you should see me – and my crazy chemo hair – without the hat. It’s funny, before the cancer I had really thick, prematurely gray hair and everyone said I looked like Bill Clinton then. :)

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  2. My own reaction to Trump is like yours, with 1 addition. After I laugh at the editorial cartoons depicting Trump as “Hair Hitler” (or as the author of “Mein Coif”), I remember that the sensible people in Weimar Germany also laughed at the original Hitler, as a buffoon who exploited deep grievances but would surely fizzle B4 he could do any real damage.

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  3. My baby brother and I were discussing this very thing just last night. What scares me about Trump is that I think he’s playing a very strategic game in which he actually profits off of the ignorance and stupidity of the #RealityTV generation.

    He’s popular with biggots because they feel like he’s saying what they want to hear, but he’s also great for ratings because he’s pandering to the same type of people that think Reality television is how real life actually is meant to be. He’s entertaining, and just like everybody wants the least lovable character on Reality shows (like the Bachelor or Survivor or whatever Reality shows there are on these days) to make it to the end, people want to see Trump make it to the end.

    But every now and then he says something a little smart. Like the other day when he spoke out against Bush. I’m afraid his game might be to suddenly say smart things the closer we get to the actual election. By then his main base of biggots will be so loyal that nothing he says will sway them, but then he’ll also start making sense to the more rational voters, and he might actually win…

    It scares the hell out of me!

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    1. Even though I thought he would have been drummed out of the race long ago, I am still confident he we never be president. The primaries always bring out the most loyal – and the worst – of political races. Once this goes to the General election, and if he is the republican nominee, then the still majority mainstream moderate voters will win the day. Trump has very high negative ratings.

      Unfortunately, while not quite as high, so does Hillary…

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    1. Ha ha… While I’m afraid of the consequences of trying to get inside his head to understand his thought process… but I would guess that he probably has dreamed of being president ever since he realized that he led a special life due to his daddy’s hard work, but I doubt if he ever dreamed it could come this close to being a possibility. Now… I will back slowly out and away from inside his mind and run like hell! :)

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