Never could it have been anywhere even close to being within the realm of my boundless imagination prior to the commencement of the Republican Party’s primary season, which has come to be known affectionately as REPUBLICAN HATEFEST 2016 ~ Making America Great Again Through It’s Bigotry & Violence, that I would ever entertain the thought that Ted Cruz could be a moderate alternative to any other candidate.

Yet, here I am thinking just that.


Not that I am endorsing Cruz or even considering voting for him — I would vote for a dirty dish towel before voting for either him or that bigoted billionaire buffoon who is beating him handily in the race.

I’m just making the observation how utterly unbelievable and scary the Republican front-runners are.

I really hope John Kasich, the governor of my birth state, can get it together and pull out an upset at the Republican Convention. I continue to hold him in high regard compared to all other possibilities that either party has to offer at this point.

Although, I do take very seriously Trump de Drumpf’s hardly veiled threat that there may be riots if he isn’t anointed as the Republican nominee.

And so do others…


This is a recent facebook post of mine address specifically to my friends…

So here’s the deal from now until November, provided I can last on facebook that long because it already is really hard for me to bear all the vitriolic political bs streaming around…

If I regard you as a friend, a real friend and not just a fb friend, and it appears to me that you are a ‪#‎Trump‬ supporter – just him, not any of the other candidates for president – then I will be dogged in my commitment to overwhelming you with reason and compassion each time you post anything that comes close to regarding Trump’s candidacy in a positive way.

Because I simply cannot believe that someone with all their faculties in place can actually be a supporter of his intolerant, violent political platform… and I refuse to believe someone who I know and whose friendship I value could support such a thing.

Friends do not let friends drive drunk… or support Trump.







18 thoughts on “So here’s my conundrum… update #1

  1. I may not have much right to comment (since I’m Canadian) but find what’s going on with our neighbor to the south to be scary. I had my fingers crossed for Rubio but I guess I’m out of luck there. Great FB post.

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    1. Thanks, Matt. Of course you have the right to comment on the train wreck that is taking place to your south and which will impact the entire planet oh so negatively. Everyone around the globe should scream out and demand decency from the United States before it’s too late if it isn’t already.

      I look upward toward the GWN and yearn longingly for such a compassionate president as your Warm-Hearted Heart Throb of a Prime Minister seems to be.


  2. This is even scary for us here in Australia – we could be collateral damage. Excellent post Bro. Your last line should be a bumper sticker – ‘Friends do not let friends drive drunk… or support Trump’.

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  3. Scary doesn’t begin to cover it. I just voted in the Florida primary this week. As a registered Republican, and because there was no ‘none of the above’ selection, I voted for Kasich as he is the most sane inmate of the insane asylum. I will not be voting for Mr. Trump if he becomes the nominee. People in my party tell me that I’m unpatriotic if I vote for Hillary or Bernie, but, you know what, I’d rather go with the evil I know than the evil I don’t know. Hillary’s email thing is ridiculously overblown. As a corporate magnate, I’m sure Mr. Trump has done things that make compromising confidential email look like child’s play. If I were the Canadian commentator on this post, I would look into building a wall as well to stop the potential flood of Americans from moving north. I love Canadian beer and poutine.

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    1. I hear ya loud and clear, Don. Although I’ll probably vote for Clinton… unless Kasich is able to come up with a miracle nomination… I have serious, serious reservations about it, as I discussed in my first conundrum post.

      What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

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  4. Kurt, over the pond here we watch on simply amazed – and nefariously entertained – by the Trump and Co pantomime. If I was an American, Bernie would get my vote, but we Brits have our own problems over here. Tory government adopting the typical Tory triad: tax cuts, spending cuts, attacking the vulnerable. Fear is the currency, as you’ll know, of course, that the majority of politicians use to gain power and stay there as long as possible. Isn’t it great, Kurt, being an independent thinker? Hey, the world needs folk like us!

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  5. I have heard rumors that Trump may be in cahoots with Hillary because he’s so off the wall he doesn’t seem believable. People everywhere, including Republicans are saying what Don Massenzio stated about voting for Hillary before voting for Trump. Weren’t the Clinton’s and Trumps best buds at one time? Wouldn’t that be quite the twist?
    Which brings me to two, the point of migration. If I could I would. I don’t like any of our candidates and haven’t for some time. I’m sick of all of it. BUT, I also believe that is the common consensus of many and why Trump could probably win the vote. People are sick of having politicians they neither trust nor believe in. I don’t think it’s his ideology or assumed bigotry so much as his not being the same old, same old that hasn’t worked for years which has so much appeal. He’s a business man and a shrewd one, but he’s not a politician.
    Then three. He was also a liberal. He only recently jumped the fence. Which raises the question, is this xenophobic rhetoric what he thinks people want to hear? I find it hard to believe this is who he is. Which to expand further, is not being transparent. Who is the real Donald Trump?



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