What Would Jesus Do…

…in times such as ours?




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He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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23 Responses to What Would Jesus Do…

  1. rrwillica says:

    Jesus was all about embracing the outcast and shunned. I don’t see why that would be any different.

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  2. 2multo says:

    Dress as a giant white bunny and pass out chocolate eggs from a pink basket while having a great time with the children who have swarmed all around him.

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  3. What do you think, Kurt?

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  4. Alli Farkas says:

    Ascend into heaven ahead of schedule.

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  5. Speaking as someone who goes to church, I’m well aware he wouldn’t go to church. He’d be far too busy looking for people who will listen. (That came across much harsher than I intended, but I think you get my meaning.)
    Listening and acting upon his words, that’s the key. We don’t always get it right.

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  6. Lisa Cambria says:

    I think He would weep as He did over Jerusalem because they would not let Him gather them under His wings.

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  7. I believe we would find him hanging out with the homeless, drug addicted, and those in jail. We would hear him talking about the religious hypocrites and he would urge us to repent and to avoid becoming part of this world. I don’t think we would find him in political arenas, but he would talk about how to live our lives and how to relate to Him and others around us. He would warn us to be more aware of the problems in our world and to be more intentional about helping others. Just my thoughts based on what I’ve read. Oh, and his followers won’t wear religious uniforms!



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