Writer’s Block Is Only In Your Mind…

And That’s The Problem.




21 Replies to “Writer’s Block Is Only In Your Mind…”

    1. I think the best way to get focused on writing and overcome writers block is meditaion. The more you meditate the more you mind becomes focused. Whenever I feel distracted, I would go to meditate for 30 mins, and I come back like someone with a fresh focused mind.

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  1. Great post! But there is another aspect that ‘writer’s block’ doesn’t consider and that is the necessity for ‘sitting’ in the process of writing – i.e. to get to a point, however little down the road, where one has to ‘sit’ with where one is at, to subconsciously think about where one goes from there. This is most important at the beginning of writing something.

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    1. A meditative approach perhaps, as another commenter discussed. While I believe it is self-inflicted, writer’s block becomes a very real thing to many, including me, and seems a bit different from your important point.

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    1. This is good. It reminds me of my favorite book on writing WRITING DOWN THE BONES.

      While I do “get” writer’s block (I put “get” in quotes because it is my belief instead of getting it, I “give” it to myself), I believe procrastination is my biggest problem when it comes to writing. Like maintaining this blog, I will use WB as a welcomed excuse to not write.

      I know… I have issues. :) Thanks for the great video, GITW.

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