THE PHILOSOPHY OF INSPIRATION | A Relating to Humans Philosophical Issues Feature

by Rana Tarakji

As Kurt explains it on his Welcome page, it is impossible to mingle with other human beings in an entirely pain-free manner. However, there is a difference between pain that aims to makes a person stronger and pain that aims at the opposite or has no aim at all. How can we inspire others without a bit of tough love anyways?

For instance, telling the truth can hurt sometimes, but isn’t it in the favour of the truth-receiver? Doesn’t it enlighten the person with truths that make him or her wiser and allow him/her to be more successful in his/her future life? Perhaps not knowing the truth might keep the person content, however, there’s usually a bigger chance that not knowing the truth can hurt a person in the long run.

What about giving advice? Advice can be tough for some people to swallow. They might not want to hear what you want to say to them, even if it makes perfect sense. A lot of people prefer not to get involved in other people’s decisions and not to offer their advice if it stands against the other person’s beliefs. But does staying quiet in critical times help that person? No, it doesn’t.

Celebrities are often looked up to because they have usually gone through a lot of ups and downs and tough times to get where they are in their lives. It’s never an easy thing to become well-known, respected and adored by millions. And sometimes, simple but wise words from these inspirational people can motivate us to make small changes in our lives, to the better. The following infographic lists some of the top inspirational celebrity quotes by life coach spotter that will leave you inspired:



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6 Replies to “THE PHILOSOPHY OF INSPIRATION | A Relating to Humans Philosophical Issues Feature”

  1. Hello Kurt, I haven’t seen you anywhere around WordPress lately. I thought I better take a minute, try to track you down and see how you’re doing? Been concerned about you, thinking about you, hope all is well, your busy as a beaver with a hole in the dam. I’m still hanging on by a thread on a worn-out rope, but I’m not going to throw in the towel quite yet. The old body has just about shot its wad. Thinking of your old man, stay well. Blessings to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so good to hear from you, my good friend. I’ve missed your visits and conversation. Health-wise I’m doing great and it’s fun to be working on putting together a movie. It’s too bad the body has to poop out on us like it does. I’m sorry you’ve not been feeling well but I’m so happy to reconnect with you, good sir. Thank you for the blessings and I wish the same and more for you and all who matter to you.


      1. So you are working on a movie? I guess that really comes as no surprise with all of your talents. I’m going to have to find out more about your movie for sure. Someday I can say, ‘I’ve blogged with someone rich and famous’ that will be pretty neat! Thanks for your reply. Best wishes with the Hollywood crowd.
        A year ago, you did a post on the Edmund Fitzgerald as I recall, that was great.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, the movie will be filmed next month out in LA. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ll need them. :) And as a Lake Erie boy, the EF and Gordon Lightfoot’s song about it had a profound impact on me.


  2. Aye, but those who need such advice are often immature enough to be combative when one attempts to outline their faults. Why would they be worth the effort? Who am I to talk, I tolerate my idiot siblings all the time.



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