Should I #Remain or Should I #Leave


Any of our Brit friends out there willing to tell us how you voted?

Hey, if that EU breakup happens, we’re always looking for a solid country as our 51st State. Instead of Brexit, how about Bringland? No? Okay, then…



19 thoughts on “Should I #Remain or Should I #Leave”

  1. I voted IN with all my soul. At the moment I am despairing in bed while more than 1m of my fellow countrymen have shown themselves to be unfortunately lacking in mental capacity and have voted leave. Well done UK, I didn’t know countries could commit collective suicide.

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  2. Any US states wanting to join us in an Atlantic Alliance and exit the US? Seriously, I’m all for trading and cooperating with Europe but I’m fed up with Europe telling us what to do- and clearly so are the majority of my fellow Brits! This was a vote for democracy!

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    1. Well, maybe Texas. They’re always rumbling about peeling away from the rest of us. And, you can have Donald Trump as your Head of State. He is over there now. Please keep him there and never allow him to return to the US. :) Good luck, my friend.

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  3. Hi Kurt. I voted to Remain. Here’s why; the EU isn’t perfect, but it was about the sum of the parts, and its very creation underpinning co-operation and togetherness. But since last night, it’s official: the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The immigration card was played to the max. Lazy thinking by many; ‘oh, who can I blame for the frustration and despair I feel? I know, I’ll blame immigrants because that is SOOOO much easier than thinking independently, finding out the facts and choosing unity, inclusion and co-operation instead of short term minded, knee jerk reactive, lowest common denominator responses’. Take a peek into the dark soul of the UK, everyone. I can never envisage a left wing government in power ever again in my country. Years and years of Tory rule is our lot and isn’t it ironic that the section of socially conservative working class voted Leave, siding with right wing, Etonian old boy networks, think that all the issues over immigration are now going to be solved. I have been thinking of leaving my grey, right wing, little island for some time now. A year or two, and I’m away. Grrrrrrr.

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    1. I read a pretty convincing opinion piece on the Washington Post about how much of Brexit is our fault due to all the chaos we’ve created since the beginning of the Iraq War. However, you all made the choice so it’s gonna be a fun ride for a while for everyone because of it. And because of it, I agree with Andy Borowitz (a New Yorker magaizine satirist) that you Brits now lose your right to claim Americans are dumber. :)

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        1. Well, I see you assign that to just the 17M. I will keep in consideration the inability of the rest of you to make an effective argument to remain in the EU. And, if we vote Trump in as president, then we will gladly take the title back as the dumber of the two. Until now, you got the crown. :)

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    1. Then I’ll refer my response to Robyn to you, as well. I will say though, now is the time for all Brits to set the proper example and make the best of this situation as possible. Let us all see that stiff upper lip you all are famous for :)

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  4. Well, you should feel relieved that Donald Trump said he thought leaving the EU was a good thing. That made me realize it’s probably a bad thing. I was thinking we need another country if he is elected here…maybe Trumpxico or Trumanada…that second one sounds like a Spanish dessert.

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