‪#‎Trump‬ was in Scotland to hype his golf course. That’s cool. I like golf and the Scots got it going on. And I particularly like how he made his golf course staff wear his Make America Great Again ball caps and be staged like sideboy props for his pass and review. And it was a nice touch that his Scottish sideboys wore red hats and he wore a impressively distinctive white one. That was awesome. Yes, indeed – I can’t wait until he’s president and we all are issued red ball caps and become his sideboy props; I will then, officially, be an American made to feel great again…



33 thoughts on “Make This American Great Again

  1. Whilst I am on a total fury roll re the EU exit, you had to mention golf, Kurt! You know the saying…good walk spoilt. Here’s my vision; get rid of this elitist, land consuming, nonsense…er, sport?…aka whacking a wheeny ball with a stick…at least in tennis, the ball’s bigger…a bit…so, free up the land that golf courses consume and use it for affordable, quality housing and with the rest create wildlife sanctuaries accessible for all, not the few. Again, another Grrr. !

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  2. Greetings Kurt :) I realized today I knew very little about politics. But I think most EU politicians don’t know any better, leave alone the people that go and protest and vote and stuff. But certainly most would want such greatness. :P

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  3. Great post once again. If we put him into that oval office and her into the first lady position; I don’t want to live here anymore. I am done being sick and tired of putting people into office that everyone gets made about later because they voted for the wrong person, yet again.
    You keep these posts coming and we will try and get them out there to your awaiting public. As far as I’m concerned these posts need to go viral.
    Thanks for your well thought out thoughts!

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  4. There’s an oldish word (used more in the 1700-s than nowadays) that my dictionary defines as “something showy but worthless” and traces back to an old French word for deceiving or cheating. The word is “trumpery” and it is ready for a comeback.

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