Protesting intolerance is not an act of intolerance;
it is an act of courage and an obligation to civility.

So, as I discussed in this post back in March, I posted to my personal facebook page that I was going to try to convince any of my friends who support Trump to not support him through a dialogue of compassion and understanding. Fortunately, I don’t have many friends who support him, so it hasn’t been much of a challenge for me there. However, there have been a few brush ups here, at this site, with drive by Trump supporters who want to try to “debate” their “positions” with me. One of these drive bys happened just yesterday.

The compassion and understanding approach doesn’t work quite as well with those who are not my friends, it seems. So, consequently, the gloves are off.

Here is my view on all of this dangerous Trump nonsense…

Based upon the words that I have heard coming out of his mouth…

I regard Trump as a violent, racist, sexist, xenophobe megalomaniacal opportunistic failure of a bigoted buffoon who will say whatever he has to say to promote and enhance his self and financial interests even and mostly at the expense of those whom he promotes his services to. He must be defeated in his quest to become the president of my country at all costs. If you support him, then by default you support his violent and hateful positions, which, in my view, makes you, at a minimum, an enabler for violence, hate, and intolerance.

I will not stand by silent when confronted with such intolerance. If you show your support here for such violence, hate, and intolerance, I will take all measures necessary to silence you short of censorship. However, I will not rule out censoring things I deem too offensive.

If you do not like what I have to say here at my site, my blog, then I invite you to unfollow me and ne’er return.

But, remember, if you do come here and challenge me, I will bring it.

Fair warning.




24 thoughts on “An Obligation Toward Intolerance

  1. I shouldn’t worry. I’ve been hearing lately that Trump is going to lose by a landslide. In Australia, we are having an election tomorrow and i have to tell you, that both sides suck. Without exception, politicians will say or do whatever it takes to get into power. Can I add that we can’t be selective about tolerance, tolerance is as tolerance does.


      1. Kurt,
        Remember ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’? I never hear it any more. It’s because we’ve traded it in for, ‘If you’re not with us, you’re agin’ us.’


          1. I don’t understand why but it appears you are unwilling to give me a straight yes or no answer. I’ll have to assume, then, that you believe I should tolerate intolerance… and I don’t understand that either.


          2. Sorry you don’t understand what I’m saying. I thought that my responses did address your question. we aren’t in court, Kurt. That’s where yes or no is expected. I’m leaving it at that.


          3. Well, since you are leaving it at a muddled and confusing (at least to me)that, I guess I won’t get a response but, even though we’re not in court, why can’t you give a yes or no answer to my question I wonder. Why do you think I should tolerate the hate and condoning of violence and other intolerant behavior of Trump and his supporters when dialogue with them is ineffective I wonder.

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  2. Kurt, I thank you for your Posts and giving us the opportunity to debate. I read with interest the comments you received on your previous Post, and I think I have to accept that I just will never understand some of my fellow homosapiens! I think you hit a very touchy point with regard to pointing out Trump’s comparisons with the Brexit voters here in the UK; the radio phone-ins are replete with that touchiness-an example is how those who voted Leave are very eager, as is there right, of course, to put their side and yet remain, ultimately, defensive in their arguments. I find it baffling when I hear Leavers talking about getting their ‘country back’ and don’t seem to fear they’ve thrown the baby, albeit a baby with many faults, out with the bathwater. Membership of the EU is about the sum of its parts, a lot of it desperate for reform but a lot of it very good, too, with that crucial message that membership underpins…unity with co-operation. I’m a patriot. I love my country. However, I’m no nationalist; patriotism unifies and is inclusive, nationalism divides, blames and incites. We need to get this definition understood fully in my opinion. As for Trump, I feel your pain, Kurt, for you and your fellow Americans who fear such a dire event if he were elected. Keep up this fantastic debate with your, as always, fair mindedness and sense of justice.

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    1. Unfortunately, the fallout – apart from the hit to global markets – will be close to immediate for London, as financial leaders are already planning to move their headquarters to somewhere within the EU. According to the NYT, Amsterdam is leading the list. Sad. I haven’t been to the great city since 2005. It’s been a favorite. I wonder what it will look like in 5 years after tens of thousands of Londoners financial industry millionaires pull chocks and move across the Chanel. :(


        1. Well, the gist of the video is that the so called protesters are hypocritical, destructive idiots who have harmed their supposed liberal ideals way more than helped them, all which is explained in an exasperated, expletive-filled rant.

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