Reporting live from State Route 30 in York, Pennsylvania

Reporting live from State Route 30 in York, Pennsylvania




4 thoughts on “Ain’t That America…

  1. renemiller012058

    There are many things about America that I love; mainly because I was born and raised here. There are some beautiful things in America too. There are places for us to go and visit, things to see that are gorgeous. I’ve met many people from other countries, and most seem genuinely interested, caring folk. I’ve run into thousands of Americans while out in my world shopping and running around, and I’ve smiled or said hello. Most of the time people don’t look into my eyes, they look the other way, don’t say hello in return, and very rarely does anyone ever return a smile. I’m stumped. There is another very worrisome, very troubling thing happening in America right now too. The number of obese people that I see out milling about and the number of people who are being diagnosed with diabetes that I am reading about. Is it because of the foods that we are overeating? Or is it because our foods are mostly processed, fast fried, full of sugar? I am beginning a new study on diabetic type 2 diagnosed and what the scientific world says about what is happening to us. Let you know what I find out soon. Any comments? This is in response “Ain’t that America”, Thanks Kurt; for everything you have done for us.

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