Using spy jargon, the former CIA Director and career CIA employee calls Trump in a New York Times opinion piece an “unwitting agent” of Russia because he is being so easily manipulated by Putin.

I question if, in fact, ‪‎Trump‬’s agency for Russia is an unwitting one.

Regardless, and even though the CIA Director doesn’t explicitly say it in his essay, if you vote for Trump, wouldn’t that, then, make you an agent for Russia, as well?

Now, if you were never in the military or worked for the intelligence community, I would allow that your agency for Russia perhaps would be an unwitting one.

However, for all my bother and sister veterans of both the military and intel community, if you vote for Trump knowing that he is being manipulated like a puppet by Putin, like he is, then you do so knowing the national security risks a Trump presidency entails and I would have to wonder why you would do such a thing…

I guess if you don’t like being labeled by our CIA Director as an “unwitting agent,” then perhaps you would like being labeled with an even more apropos term most historians attribute to Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Communist Revolution:


“In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.”

Power To The Putin
Putin the Political Puppeteer



8 thoughts on “USEFUL IDIOTS 2.0

  1. A lot of people say they will vote for Trump because he will “shake things up”. It will “shake things up when he allows Russia to run a mock in Europe. We he disparages all out allies, so that if we come under attack we will be alone. Trump will “shake things up”. He will take America from the worlds greatest superpower, to a puppet state.

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    1. I believe he has already shaken things up and harmed our national security. Just by his idiotic behavior and comments about Nato and our allies has loosened the entire foundation of a very effective deterrent against aggression.

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  2. Great cartoon portrait of Putin, who is nasty (like Trump) but definitely not an idiot (unlike Trump).

    Thanks for pointing out the sad relevance of Lenin’s “useful idiots” phrase. Hope this post wakes up some of those who actively support Trump. From Trump’s point of view, there are also many useful idiots who passively support him. My own stab at an unorthodox way to reach some of them is

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  3. Putin has two benefits. First, he can easily distract his population from domestic issues, with foreign military action. Second, the majority of American people do not really follow or care about foreign policy or strategic national security issues. The second point is very unfortunate for America because it is the area of American policy that the president has the most influence and authority in.

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