Since at least the 18th century…grotesque has come to be used as a general adjective for the strange, fantastic, ugly, incongruous, unpleasant, or disgusting, and thus is often used to describe weird shapes and distorted forms such as Halloween masks. In art, performance, and literature, however, grotesque may also refer to something that simultaneously invokes in an audience a feeling of uncomfortable bizarreness as well as sympathetic pity…   WIKIPEDIA

You know, maybe Trump isn’t just some raging political monster out to destroy civilization. Maybe there is really something wrong with the bizarre billionaire beyond his severe condition of narcissism and megalomania that deserves our sympathy and pity.

Maybe, like Hugo’s Hunchback or Shelley’s Monster, underneath the unappealing surface there is really just a tormented soul looking to be loved.

For instance, when he embraces and speaks admirably of such a leader as Vladimir Putin, maybe he isn’t really being an unwitting agent for a dangerous government, but instead he is just being a scared little boy looking for a father figure to love him and comfort him.

And when he says, via his typical usage of indirect speak — “If [Hillary Clinton] gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks… Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” — maybe he isn’t really calling on gun owners to assassinate her, but is instead acting like the shy little boy who pulls the little girl’s pigtail in class, not to be mean but to get her to notice him and to like him.




9 thoughts on “The Grotesque

  1. Good post. I can’t quite figure out the whole scenario myself. Wasn’t he just not that long ago good friends with the Clinton’s? And, wasn’t he just over a year ago a registered Democrat? What if the picture he’s painting is not all that it appears to be? I don’t like her to begin with, but I find the whole thing suspect. Is his real goal to tear apart the Republican party, which it seems to be doing quite well and will thereby give her more strength? Many of my Republican friends are already geared to vote for her because he comes across so radical. Many of my Democrat friends don’t like her either, but will vote for her over the alternative. One said, he would “gag” his way to the polls. I just don’t know what to make of it. I don’t like mudslinging from either side because that’s all it is. We all have dirt. I want to hear specifics. Not who did what but what they are going to do or will do. Not vaguely, but give me a plan with teeth in it that shows how to make this a better place to be and live!!! I’m tired of party loyalties. What happened to voting for the better person regardless of party? Is that too much to ask? Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.

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    1. Funny, I was going to write a semi-humorous post about how Trump is just a front to get Clinton elected because there was no other possible way she would get voted in.

      But just in case he’s not and there is even the slightest chance he’s in it to win it I didn’t want to give someone anymore reason not to vote for her so I posted this article instead.

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  2. If he is indeed running simply to tear apart the Republican Party, based on his behavior for his entire life I would have to say somebody powerful in that Party must have mightily offended, insulted, or committed some other grievous offense against him to warrant such massive retribution.

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  3. Clearly there is a disdain for Trump. I find Hillary and her acolytes grotesque as well. Just wanted to see an honest profile on Hillary from you. That’s all. I would be very concerned with her foreign policy and national security.



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