The Brexit of America…

Never before have I hoped and prayed as hard as I’m doing now that I was utterly and completely wrong about something I believed so passionately.



9 thoughts on “The Brexit of America…

  1. I have heard of a few instances where somebody utterly unqualified was thrust into a position of great responsibility and surprised themselves (as well as everybody else) by how quickly and well they grew into it. We sure do need that this time.


  2. Feeling the same over here. Trying to imagine some way this will be survivable with minimal casualties. But wow, any way you cut it, we’re going to have a lot of rebuilding to do in four years.


  3. First response by me and several of my friends who expressed the same feeling–was physical sickness. Incomprehensible how so much hate could win. Incomprehensible how 2 out of every 3 people in my county can favor this hate. Still feeling a bit queasy (this is not a figure of speech, my stomach is physically a bit roiled) today, two days later. I do not, and never did “hate” the candidate who won. That lovely word, “deplore”, yes, but not that terrible spewing of vitriol that has flooded social media and news comment pages for over a year. I guess the side benefit is that I may lose some weight…

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