Here, with this video, is my first attempt at a concession to a new reality…

If you’re a #trump supporter and the guy in the video below articulates your rationale for voting for him, then you and I might be reconcilable (yes I understand you couldn’t give a rat’s hoot about reconciling with me or any other #nontrump supporter but, for the sake of moving on and, oh by the way, for the sake the country, you should).

I don’t know but it seems that lately it takes an angry Brit and his foul mouth, a la John Oliver, to get penetration through my thick skull.

So, needless to say, this video of a Brit with a foul mouth is saying things I, and probably many other non-trump supporters, have been thinking and encourages us to separate all the hate and violence that Trump introduced with his candidacy from the reason why many of our friends voted for him and place the blame for  his win directly where it belongs, with #Hillary and the #democrats. Because, like I’ve said many o’ times here and elsewhere, if it hadn’t been for Trump, there is no way I would have voted for Hillary.

Thanks to my buddy Damon for introducing this #NSFW* balm of an angry but articulate man to me.

*NSFW – Not Safe for Work; meaning, in this case, a lot of foul language. Proceed with caution.



18 thoughts on “Here, with this video, is my first attempt at a concession to a new reality…

  1. Very entertaining. I agree with you, Sanders should have been on the ticket, but wasn’t because of the Superdelegates, who in their non-existing wisdom, decided to vote for Hillary before they even listened to Bernie Sanders. I did vote for Hillary -wouldn’t vote for Trump if you would put a gun to my head- but I voted for her without any enthusiasm. Her campaign was lame and boring. How can you be excited about someone you seem to know so well? Many, too many didn’t even bother to vote in this election.


    1. I humbly disagree. Not that I was a great Hillary supporter but I voted for her because I did not want my vote to go to waste.

      Just think, hardly 50% of the eligible voters voted. That means Trump got the mandate to stuff SCOTUS for next 4 decades with votes from barely 25% of the eligible voters. Those 50% who decided to stay home for whatever reasons deserve what is coming. In a democracy, you get the government you deserve. Republican party was successful in getting out the voters that mattered. Democratic party needed the senate majority more than they needed the POTUS and they failed.

      Bernie supported (and was even on ads) measure 61 in California and that measure failed miserably. So there was no guaranty that Bernie would have made any difference.

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      1. I live in a Republican State (don’t ask me why) and most of my neighbors are Republicans. They are older people and most of them sat this election out. They didn’t vote for Trump, most of them would have voted for Bernie Sanders -but NEVER for Clinton.

        Normally this State if full with yard signs around elections…nothing this time. Here and there some signs for local people, but hardly any for Clinton or Trump.

        It’s easy to play the blame game afterwards. I agree, the blame goes to the Democratic party. The only one that can excite me is Elizabeth Warren, then there was Sanders, but besides that…there is nothing.

        People want change -good or bad. Hillary Clinton stood for the same old politics so many of us are tired of.

        I voted against Trump when I voted for Clinton, it wasn’t a vote for her, it was a vote against him. Pretty sad if you think about it.

        If I really would have to blame someone, then I would blame the media and the journalists, but nobody asks me. :-)

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    1. Humor helps.
      Here is my response to another post today. Maybe it will help.

      Donald is the duck that quacked
      Oh what a story he cooked
      Flattened Hilary with less number of votes
      Made dumb ass of the media and polls
      Now it’s our turn to watch the show
      Who gets fired and who gets hired
      While Donald lays the golden egg
      Walking off to the sunset with ballooning assets


  2. I wasn’t bothered a bit about the f-bombs in the video, many people I know talk like that although they aren’t quite so emotional about their “foul” language. Trouble is, using that language over and over again makes it lose any effect it was intended to have. It’s just like adding a bunch of “ums” to your sentences.

    Anyhow, aside from the language, of course the video made some valid points. What the speaker neglected to address, when encouraging all of us to talk to one another, to engage one another, to have a conversation, is that the two people must first agree to actually converse. I have had conversations where I could do nothing but be the good listener because my partner in “conversation” would not allow a word in edgewise. So people, please don’t go preaching to me about it being all my fault for not discussing issues with the opposition. As a rule I do not engage in name-calling or character assassination but the other side keeps throwing it at me anyway. I’m not sure it’s possible to have a rational discussion with people like Pamela Ramsey Taylor who called Mrs. Obama and “ape in heels”.

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  3. A friend sent me this video last week too. I loved the tongue-lashing quality of it with some very good points made, and I felt properly chastised as a member of the democratic party. I shared it on FB getting a like from a very right-wing relative. They saw it as a reason to vote for Trump. I saw it a bit differently. You don’t vote for a-holes like the T/P ticket just because some mistakes were made in the D party! It’s a shame the way it turned out, cuz now we all have to watch these guys like hawks for the next 4 years minimum. I intend to be very vocal which of course irritates many people I know who think we should just forget it and bow down to T. Not gonna happen on my end of it!

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  4. Yes and no. Yes, progressives should not just ridicule and insult the people who disagree with them. Yes, Sanders would have been a better candidate than Clinton. Yes, the Dem Establishment was (and still is?) arrogant and out of touch. No, people with right-wing views are not muzzled by progressives.

    A big trouble with trying to have a civil “conversation” or “debate” is that there is no longer a shared base of facts. There is a lot of room for debate about how bad climate change will be and how to ameliorate it, about the roles of natural gas and nuclear power as near-term alternatives to coal, and so on. But when one side fantasizes that climate change is not happening at all, it becomes a question of how to outvote them rather than how to persuade them.

    BTW, lobbing F-bombs does not contribute to civility.

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    1. Hi Mellow – I didn’t “lob” any F-bombs. I guess the video did, but that’s kind of the problem too when people can’t get angry or talk normally because of political correctness. That was part of Trump’s appeal, that he made it somehow “ok” to say these things. I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk that way but people do it all the time. (Me too in private.)

      So I do think we need to be able to hear people despite their anger. Not easy though. I’ve seen, heard and been recipient of a lot of right wing hate lately. If it seems to just be hate for hate’s sake directed at me for little or no reason, then I have learned to listen if I can stand it, but then walk away!

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      1. Yes, Bonnie, it is hard to get past the often grotesque way that people express their concerns. Yes, rejection of political correctness (a basically good thing that is often carried to an absurd extreme) is part of the Trump appeal.

        Interesting little misunderstanding here. I agreed with and [Like]-ed your comment on the video. I also put in my own comment on the video (including my grumble about F-bombs). My comment came after yours and looked ALMOST the same as a reply to your comment. Both Kurt’s theme and mine use a little indentation but no clear marker to distinguish comments on the post from comments on comments. The visual cue is much too subtle. Anyway, the comment I am writing now really is a reply to your reply to my original comment. Hope it looks enough like that.

        =-=-=-=- Mellow

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        1. Mellow, an Interesting thing about the format. I had received an email that said you had replied to my comment. But no problem. It’s fine.

          The autopsy of this election will (or should) continue! I hope! The media is moving on to cute kitties and car accidents and other drivel, while the fact that Bannon (now chief White House strategist) has been discovered to have violated campaign finance laws is getting overlooked! A complaint was filed with the FBI about that, but with Comey in charge —- yeah.

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  5. I’ve seen this video floating around and think it’s extremely good. As a leftie, I was devastated by the election results. Shattered enough to start thinking very pragmatically, because we’ve lost the House, the Senate, The Oval Office and the Supreme Court.

    That should be sobering. I don’t want the Democrats to be outsmarted again and think we are in dire need of better recruitment methods.


  6. Jonathan Pie can throw those f-bombs along with some home truths because HE IS NOT A REAL PERSON. Sorry to shout but Trump unfortunately is real. What does it say about the state of political debate that it takes a comedian to say any of this?



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