Here, with this video, is my first attempt at a concession to a new reality…

If you’re a #trump supporter and the guy in the video below articulates your rationale for voting for him, then you and I might be reconcilable (yes I understand you couldn’t give a rat’s hoot about reconciling with me or any other #nontrump supporter but, for the sake of moving on and, oh by the way, for the sake the country, you should).

I don’t know but it seems that lately it takes an angry Brit and his foul mouth, a la John Oliver, to get penetration through my thick skull.

So, needless to say, this video of a Brit with a foul mouth is saying things I, and probably many other non-trump supporters, have been thinking and encourages us to separate all the hate and violence that Trump introduced with his candidacy from the reason why many of our friends voted for him and place the blame for  his win directly where it belongs, with #Hillary and the #democrats. Because, like I’ve said many o’ times here and elsewhere, if it hadn’t been for Trump, there is no way I would have voted for Hillary.

Thanks to my buddy Damon for introducing this #NSFW* balm of an angry but articulate man to me.

*NSFW – Not Safe for Work; meaning, in this case, a lot of foul language. Proceed with caution.