Recount Me Out

For some reason third-party candidate (I know, right?) Jill Stein is raising significant money to challenge the election results in Wisconsin; and if she raises even more she will challenge the results in Pennsylvania and Michigan, as well.

I wonder why.

No doubt there was voter fraud. Of course there was.

Just as in the most healthy person some cancerous cells can be found, even in the most fair election there will always be found some voting irregularities.

Maybe she really does think she can overturn the results of the election and Hillary can be rightfully sworn in as our next president.

But I doubt it. Never has such a large margin of victory, even as small as it was, ever been overcome by a recount.

No, I’m pretty sure she isn’t doing this to overturn the election…

And Hillary’s camp, even though it has joined in on the recount party, late of course, has said there is no way the results can overturned.

My guess is she, Stein, is doing this as a surefire way to build name recognition for herself and her party.

Hey, 2020, even though it will seem like ages because of the Trump effect, is only four short years away.

And, based on how much money she has raised for the recount and the level of coverage she is receiving because of it, her subversive platform-building strategy seems to be working.

Well, at least I’m blogging about it anyway…


I don’t even want to think about what an overturned Trump election would look like. It is my estimation, as ugly as the election was, we haven’t seen the level of ugly something as rupturing as an overturned election would bring about.

Well, I guess I don’t want to think about what an unoverturned Trump election will look like either.




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6 Responses to Recount Me Out

  1. pranabaxom says:

    If it’s legal, she has every right to do it as Mr. Trump had every right to find out the loopholes in the system not to pay his taxes. In our system, if it is legal for a corporation to be treated as a person for free speech, why should we be apprehensive that on the remote possibility of the election results being overturned on recount will result in chaos, one should not take the legal recourse if it is available.
    Not that I like the idea of a recount but I don’t like the idea of electoral college also.

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  2. This is the thing: Trump won by electoral college majority, but lost the popular vote by a margin wider than at least four winning presidents. This clusterfuck is the result of a broken and disingenuous electoral system that is mostly for show, especially since Citizens United (itself a misleading name, since there are no citizens involved). If Hillary Clinton were to dance back on the scene after a recount (and essentially vanishing from public life at a time when her supporters needed her the most) we might well face violent revolution. I have a feeling that such a thing is not far away in any case.

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    • This started out much darker, pretty much saying what your response toward it says. Trying to reserve the doom and gloom for after the swearing in when it will no longer be based on speculation and will be much more urgent.

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  3. LIKE trying to raise the TITANIC with tugboats?? give it up Jill, you find plenty of TRUMP votes as well? Why not hold the election again? Winner will be 2 out of 3 f recounts??

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  4. avwalters says:

    What we need is certainty and integrity in government. Many of us think there was fraud in both the primaries and the general. As long as the citizenry think that there is fraud that will go unchallenged, government is not legitimate. If there is fraud, we need to know. If the results are legitimate, we can move forward, with confidence, knowing that there is work to be done and that our efforts can make a difference. I support the recount, and any effort that restores integrity to the election process.

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  5. At least in WI, my guess is that vote suppression laws had a bigger effect than counting errors. The effect was pro-Trump and hard to estimate.

    The recounts may serve a useful purpose (even if they do not change the result) if they give the Greens a higher profile. Tho not Green, I am green and was angry that there were no debate questions about climate change.

    The last sentence in the post sums it all up so well. I don’t want to think about it either, but I can’t help it:

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