It’s been over twenty-four hours and I’m still unable to process Trump’s remarks re: Flag Burning


18 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. Tuning him out until his ideas or lack thereof start becoming policy. Not sure what’s more dangerous, a President Trump or the people he is surrounding himself with as cabinet members. One thing I know for sure is that combined with a Republican controlled congress the most vulnerable in our society are in for ruff 4 yrs.

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    1. Same here. If he tries to act on that stupid tweet when he’s president, I will gladly sacrifice the flag I received when I retired from the navy, and one that flew over the White House, and burn it as an exercise of my free speech. In fact, I think we should call for a National Flag Burning Day if this progresses beyond his fascist tweet.

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        1. Well, I was planning on posting a picture of my dogs staring out my office window next to a chewed up roll of toilet paper tomorrow; however, I assume since you’re requesting photos on a post about flag burning that you’re looking for photos of me burning a flag. Well, I don’t have any such photos… yet.


  2. Flying the flag upside down is a dignified protest. Burning the flag is air pollution.

    That said, there are many kinds of air pollution that do more damage, and to go after flag burning (in any way beyond enforcing general laws against open burning) is to tread a slippery slope. Sometimes slippery slopes need to be treaded. But not here. Especially not when DT is leading the way.

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    1. Don’t agree. My assumption is that most people do not know what flying the flag upside down actually signifies, thereby minimizing its effectiveness as a means of protest. Unless you’re burning the flag for the purpose of properly disposing of it, burning the sucker leaves no doubt about one’s action.

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      1. While burning the flag may be INTENDED as symbolic speech protesting against American actions contrary to American ideals, it is likely to be PERCEIVED as total rejection of America. Getting Trump voters to sober up is already hard enough w/o that hurdle. Guess we should agree to disagree.

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        1. Ha ha… Sorry, my friend. Didn’t mean to sound so dismissive and confrontational in my reply – at least not to you. :) Hanging the flag upside down is a good, long-term strategy (don’t have to worry about your protest symbol going up in smoke). But Trump’s comment was about flag burning specifically so if it ever gets to the point where I feel I must protest beyond the pen as sword approach, I will go with the specific means that are at issue – fire to flag.

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          1. Actually, U did not sound at all dismissive and confrontational to me. Just overoptimistic about how flag burning would be perceived. I remember the rash of flag burnings during 1960-s protests against the Vietnam War. Tho I opposed the war and was (still am) an ACLU member, I felt a visceral disgust at the burnings. To people who were not yet opponents of the war, it was not at all obvious whether the protesters hated everything American or only the war’s evil perversion of the containment doctrine.

            While the rise of DT does raise doubts about the relevance of ancient experience, flag burning still is air pollution. ;)



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