I know it’s the cowardly thing to do…

I know it’s the cowardly thing to do, but my mind is too overwhelmed by what’s going on in the political arena. I’m afraid of going manic by being pulled in too many directions because I have friends from all walks of life and they all have their opinions and they all believe their opinions to be RIGHT! So, I’m burying my head in the sand when it comes to the presidency and all that is Trump. I don’t like him, I don’t want him as president… but he’s there, and there isn’t much that I, personally, can do about it. So I’m going to ignore him until I know that I can face this fact without ending up in the nuthouse.

8 Replies to “I know it’s the cowardly thing to do…”

  1. You’re the second person today who posted the same sentiments @wscottling. In fact, I was essentially trying to do that – at least on my personal facebook account where I have far too many friends who support Trump. However, his tweet about flag burning was too much. This new blog format is my response toward it. I really appreciate you posting such a brave and honest account of how you feel. Quite the opposite from cowardly.


  2. May of us feel that way. I am in shock and still can’t believe what is going on. Surely I am going to wake up soon and it all was just a dream. I canceled my beloved NYT and I don’t watch the news anymore. For the first time I will not watch the inaugaration, neither will I watch his speach. However, I will continue to speak up when it comes to the minoriety groups. I do have gay friends, I have Mexican and Muslim friends and I am a first generation immigrant. I will show Trump the middlefinger when I will feel the need to do so.

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  3. I see the soundness of your decision. While I stand with Jill Stein for reasons she is explaining I do believe Trump will become the winner of the election on December 19th and on January 20th be sworn into office while Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Inaguration protest at the National Mall. As for me I just might take off work with a 2 week notice to take part in the J20 general strike (no work, no school, no fascist USA) but that is the most I may possibly do unless some strange thing occurs with a recount.

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  4. I too have felt the sense of huge dark overwhelm brought on by this weird election. It’s getting frustrating because I really do have better things to do but I can’t help getting sucked in, which isn’t helped by the daily deluge of political email from Dem groups wanting me to stay riled up about the whole thing and various issue and petitions (many that I’ve already signed). So I’m now going into Delete-delete-delete mode on that! But then there’s the TV too… yikes – head in the sand sounds attractive!!!
    It feels like so many of us have a sense of our lives being on hold while holding our breath until that final swearing in ceremony that makes it truly real. Then of course the first official Pres. T tweet: “Congrats to me! I’ll be a fabulous Prez – it went so well, no one shot me on the podium, but man that Bible! Believe me so old and dirty! Blah, blah blah…” (I’m sure his real tweet will be so much more entertaining. ) – After way too much exhausting preoccupation with all this, I processed my own post election trauma on my blog if anyone interested – http://bonniefollett.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/is-it-still-november-the-gurgling-of-the-trumperica-swamp/
    But for now I’m all for burying my head in the sand until after the recount, the EC vote, and after the swearing in when the real sh_t hits the fan. It’s just too hard not to peek, isn’t it? So, I’m trying to get back to regular life, but….. Arggghhhh!!!!

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  5. I didn’t watch the news *before* the election because watching too much news triggered mania (I have bipolar y’all), and not the euphoric mania, but the rage-y “Hulk, smash!” kind of mania, so not watching the news was kinda easy for this. But as the election day got closer and closer my Facebook just got more and more heated with friends and family (I only have 80ish people on Facebook) simply arguing amongst themselves about who was right and who was wrong. I have friends and family from all religions, orientations, &t… and this election has divided people so much it’s kinda scary (of course, we didn’t have internet back in the days of Bush v. Clinton 1992, did we? I’m sure that would have been a circus too.) Anyway, I’ve never been on Twitter, and I signed off of Facebook for now. I don’t turn the television at all anymore because I just don’t want to see the media going, “Look what he’s done now! More at six!” I know he’s there, I acknowledge that things are going to happen, but right now… I just can’t deal with the backlash of people pointing fingers and saying, “You! You’re to blame for all of this!”


  6. I think this is a good time for me to try to put more light in the world. Volunteering. Kindnesses. Empathy. I can’t change the big things, but I can do these. And if we all do them, they will be mighty big things after all.



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