Will Self’s Thoughts on Brexit Supporters Adapted to Accommodate My Own Thoughts on Trump Supporters

While I by no means [believe] all [Trump supporters] to be racists and bigots, I [am] pretty sure every racist and bigot in the land [are supporters of Trump]


Read Self’s article from which the original appears here.


9 thoughts on “Will Self’s Thoughts on Brexit Supporters Adapted to Accommodate My Own Thoughts on Trump Supporters

  1. Ok… Actually NO.
    Racism has many forms, And comes from even those who are ‘not’ racist.
    Bigotry is everywhere, in any group of people (Including those who Do Not support Trump)
    Please redefine your terms!

    P.S I had made a previous Comment but it’s gone… This is the shorter version.


    1. What specifically are you contesting? The quote doesn’t define racism. It simply states that I pretty much think that most racists and bigots really dig Trump and probably support him. Not sure why there is an issue with that.


      1. Actually the post says ” I [am] pretty sure every racist and bigot in the land [are supporters of Trump]” You’re saying EVERY one of them are supporting him. What I am saying is that they are on Both sides of the issue (and even those who don’t care).
        Racism can be as simple as saying “you’re not a true black” when you’re criticizing a famous dark-skinned person.
        And Bigotry? Look at any side of any issue and you’ll find plenty. I did.


        1. big·ot·ry
          noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
          intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

          That definition puts almost anybody who isn’t open to Listening to other opinions.
          And I’m sure we can all relate to that.


          1. It seems you’re either missing the broader point or you’re being a contrarian just for the sake of it. It’s all about who holds the power when discussing racism and intolerance. Not all racists and bigots are created equally.


          2. Here’s my point. You say that they all support Trump. Not true. Does he hold the power when discussing these topics? That’s not the issue.
            What you’re saying is that HE has their support, with a very obvious implication. And I disagree completely! Not only does Hillary (for example) have plenty who support her instead, but many (of those people) disagree with Both.


          3. The only point you’re effectively making is that Trump understood best what race-baiting dog whistles to blow in order to fire up the racists to support him. And support him they did. Whatever. I’m more interested presently in watching all these same supporters of Trump, racist or otherwise, contort themselves into various painful positions in their effort to apologize for Putin’s attack on our sovereignty.


          4. Really? If you don’t want to hear my comments, just say so. Anybody reading my comments will not see what you ‘concluded’ from them.
            Plenty of Racists supported The other side. Just look at the hypocritical ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots.



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